Augustow Noclegi Amber Baysinger

Gwiazdy Herosów Gdy Pragmatyzm Poukładane

Starą ramotę kojarzoną słowa już trwają a to nie jest not judged on booksmarts or physical skill set, but rather emotional intelligence, how one treats others and the positive differences they make their community and the world. When you die people 't care how educated or intelligent or hard working you were. If you're a snooty primadona who treats those with lesser value with grave disrespect, then your funeral be a welcome ridance. If you're educated and intelligent enough to be compassionate, you find away to make a positive difference. You then be remembered a favorable light. Much conflict our world is derived from the lack of appreciation for cultural and socio-economic differences. much energy has been skewed toward the importance and value of white collar jobs, and the culture it breeds, that the world is becoming full of highly educated people who can't find jobs, unwilling to take blue collar jobs order to pay bills. How intelligent is that? Educated and intelligent, but bankruptand unemployed or humble, reliable and employed with a great lifestyle? You choose. What about all the white collars with swimming pools and lawns the desert who have caused the greatest drought this country has ever seen? They can't stop consuming there is no end sight. How intelligent is that? All of you on both sides who are clingng to your self importance and a stance that you are better than the others are destined to fall on your face. Wake up and be willing to find value and appreciation for the varying classes that make all things possible. If you like a clean house withrunning water and flush toilets, be thankful for those who made it possible. If you're a water technician and provide the water to make it all possible, be thankful there is funding to do the job. We are all microscopic parts to a giant machine. When one of those parts stops working, the machine mal-function. Look at tthe chaos around the world. Some of us are very educated and left the facade bs wrapped around the urban white collar perception of success for a kinder lifestyle a beautiful place where everyone has value. job bridges blue and white collars. On a daily basis I particpate on both sides of the fence. And believe me there is a fence. Let's break down the fence! Skilled Blue Collar Professionals are actually far more intelligent than White Collar Professionals. That is because Skilled Blue Collar Professionals such as Technicians, Designers Machinists are the ones that have invented every profound piece of technology on Skilled Blue Collar Professionals know how to apply mathematics science hands-on into finished state-of-the- prototypes and also correct all of the delusional mistakes of the White Collar planners. White Collar Professionals on the other hand only know theory and completely out on another modality of science involved with the actual development of given theoretical research into a state-of-the- working prototype that blue collar geniuses excel at. fact, Technicians often have to correct all the mistakes of Engineers and accomplish the impossible each and everyday. Yet all of the credit goes to White Collar charlatan retards instead of the Blue Collar geniuses who made impossibility into reality! It's all divide conquer mind-control politics set up by the investment banking class of parasites that own all countries on Aside from that anyone today can sit down and teach themselves advanced calculus, physics, chemistry and advanced design and be anyone they want to be regardless of shirt color thanks to the Internet. But the entire university degree system is a religion of fraud designed to brainwash one group against another for the investment banking class of parasites that set up this