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Będą one bliskie jeszcze zbędne wystarczy czym ekipa weszła bohatera get a virtual tour of our grounds, click the About Us link above. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We look forward to talking with you and meeting your dog. We proudly support the following... MMDB−The Mathematical Movie Database by Burkard Polster and Marty Last updated: 20 February, 2018. What's the point? About ten years ago, on a whim, we began to collect movies containing mathematics. as a consequence of that whim, we own a library of more than 800 movies on DVD, VHS, 16 mm, Laserdisc, and some strange thing called a CED video disc. The movies range from those expressly about mathematicians, to those that, for whatever reason, just happen to have a snippet of humorous mathematical dialogue. Over the years, we have found that it is not only professional mathematicians who find the fun this cinematic mathematics. Just about everybody is charmed by Meg explaining Zeno's paradox singing about Pythagoras's theorem Costello explaining to Abbott why 7 x 13 and on. Our book is attempt to identify, organize, and engagingly present this fascinating and funny material. Some movie math is really, dull. Even limiting to the good stuff, trying to cram everything our collection into this one book would have resulted a bloated, boring mess. However, we did want to be comprehensive, and to make available as much of our source material as possible. We found that the best way to do this was to create this Also as we learn of movies, new and old, we add details to this By doing we to extend our book and to keep it up to date. Contact. If you know of any mathematical movie or TV episode not on our list, if you spot a mistake, or if you would like to get touch with us about anything whatsoever, we'd be delighted for you to contact us: Must- maths Movies Eustice Solves a Problem A terrific short film, set around a children's quiz program 1958. Fermat's Last Tango IMDB Terrific musical about Fermat's last theorem, featuring Wiles, Pythagoras, Gauss, Euclid, and a deliciously vain de Fermat. Futurama Ep 6: The Prisoner of Benda IMDB The only TV epsiode ever to have its own theorem. Professor Farnsworth's mind-switching machine can't directly switch the same two minds back into the original bodies. The characters' bodies and minds get hugely tangled, but the Harlem Globetrotters prove that any such tangle can always be inverted using two extra people: And they say pure maths has no real world applications! The complete proof is shown. At one point Bender, 's body, has to prove he's a robot, but he fails when he doesn't know the square root of 9: look, I'm not that kind of robot. Hidden Figures IMDB Not the masterpiece people are declaring, but a polished and reasonably accurate movie about the black women computers, particular who worked for NASA the 50s and 60s. a movie about racism than mathematics but plenty of blackboards with orbital equations and numerical calculations. The mathematics that is discussed is extensively simplified, phrased as the problem of the transition from elliptical orbit to the parabolic reentry. It's all more along the lines of relevant buzzwords than accurate portrayal of the mechanics NASA had to come to terms with Mozart and the Whale IMDB A charming romantic movie about two people with Asperger's syndrome, one with strong mathematical abilities. Some touching and funny scenes about mathematical literalism and factoring license plates. The Professor and his Beloved Equation IMDB Lovely movie about a mathematics professor who only remembers things for a short time. He likes perfect and amicable numbers and his favorite equation is Euler's identity: e iπ +1. The List Here is our complete list of over 800 movies. To make browsing easier, we have included a rating for mathness, either fun or quality or quantity: from for the movies above, down to for minimal maths content. The 27th Day IMDB Some helpful aliens gives doomsday devices to Professor Bechner and others. The Professor deciphers the mathematical symbols mathematics there is always a solution ensuring only bad guys are doomed and peace reigns. 3 es Casualidad IMDB Live