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Bezpieczną drogę, wrogiem ostatecznie każdym wieku muzyczna choć niezbyt konserwatywnego years, we purchased our own place is South Texas...a friendship that became a partnership and has been one of the best relationships of life. From of the litters of pups we raised since our original breeding of and Rose, the Nelsons have taken one of the fact, they have been the only dogs he has run since the late 80s. has a special 'touch' with these dogs and they are real joys to hunt over. The pix above is ...taken 2007. Here's to the Nelsons! We you guys!!! They say there is no better way to 'spruce' up a than with a warm and fuzzy PUPPY PICTURE! Since I have never been accused of missing such opportunity... here goes! This is Blaze.... of National Bean's Blaze and Hello De Born August 14. He is headed to to become a 'stud dog' at Brown's highly regarded Highpoint Kennels I think Blaze just hit the lottery! Had a wonderful chat last night online with Brown about the ideal hunting range of a class bird dog. as he was once known to our group of running buddies, was a member of graduating class 1957 at High School just outside We reconnected recently at our 50 year class reunion and discovered we shared a passion for bird dogs and quail. We had not talked that 50 years. went into law enforcement and more recently 'security' while I became a Rock and Roll DJ and later a producer of commercials and music videos. owns and runs dogs that are of the famed line, developed by which became the most recognized line breeding program Pointer history. I started running and breeding back when they were still called spaniels'. The breeding program became the line breeding template to which I still adhere. Range to me would be loosely defined as the distance front of the that a hunting dog runs. Having competed with some degree of success for a number of years horseback and walking stakes both gun dog shooting dog and all age stakes, I have to admit that its not a clear cut distinction. To me, a 'shooting dog' would be a dog that aggressively hunts the existing cover whereas all age dog would Regardless, both types should recognize winners that 'hunt the country...if its open, reach for the limit but if it's tight, adjust accordingly. Having said that, I am aware that not all breeders and agree. Actually, I believe a good bird dog can be both and sense which one is called for by the cover and conditions...on horseback, from vehicle, or on foot. I had both 'all age' and gun dog wins with the same dogs. both stakes, I wanted the dog to run to the limits of the cover we were hunting at the time. A dog that simply quarters a few yards front of the find only birds that one would probably 'walk up' anyway. A pointer we named 's Tex, given to me at 6 weeks by friend won the Oklahoma Derby Classic with one spectacular find a mile to the front, visible to the entire gallery during the ride on horseback...but three weeks prior had won a 'junior gun dog' stake at a local Setter club trial while handled on foot by 12 year old Incidentally, Ten would also retrieve ducks, although not exactly with classic 'style! I still to a dog run...somewhere 'out there' near the limits of what the cover allows. Today, I hunt mostly from vehicles at a pretty good pace. The cover varies from tall thick sunflower flat terrain to medium grass 'sand dune' country. Same dogs, same hunt, and they stay with me both while running the limits. I seeing a find 'out on a limb' that requires the dog to stay on point for some time while