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Wydają się podążać kamieni krwi oraz zmysł obserwacji i splata outdoor malls or dog friendly stores to practice dog environments like a dog park we work and train a variety of environments that when your dog comes home they are ready to take on the world with you. This program also includes FREE group classes that you can continue to practice and attain higher levels of success. We offer several specialty courses some of which require attaining a previous level of obedience. These include Agility, Tricks, Nose Work, Therapy and Service Dog Training. Some training is done conjunction with our partner organization K-9 Caring Angels a non profit specializing Therapy Dogs and Psychiatric Service Dogs. We love customers and their dogs. Our customers and their dogs love us. See what they have to say below. husband and I LOVE Sit Means Sit! Sonny and Ted are incredible with dogs of all shapes and sizes. has gone from a skittish, shy dog to out-going, happy dog that knows commands beyond the basics. I could not recommend them enough! They really know their stuff and I… We adopted Izzy from a family friend. She was a sweet, loving dog but was extremely hyper and had no boundaries. She knew her commands well but it was still hard to have people our home because of the energy she had and the discipline she lacked. Our vet… We needed help to address a fairly unusual situation. Our 18 yr old is autistic and mainly nonverbal. Our rescue dog Cisco tried to connect with him but 's disinterest quickly turned Cisco from confused to aggressive within days We were at our wits end always keeping them separated…. Prepare your dog for work police K-9 units or for service the military with FTD High-Quality Bite Dog Sleeves! Our online shop presents a wide range of corresponding accessories which perfectly fit as for basic daily training as for professional one. Any dog training requires proper protective gear to provide safety for the trainer and his pet. All the and their components are made of absolutely safe materials such as natural Jute, durable French Linen and Innovative NK-stuff. Checked and tested, these bite dog sleeves are long-servicing and allow for bite development while at the same time, offer protection for the handler. more info.... FDT shop features a wide variety of products that guarantee your safety during rigorous training exercises with your future police or military dog. Dog bite sleeves are made from materials of the highest quality, including jute, NK-stuff, and French Linen. You find here everything that makes the training efficient and harmless. Padded gauntlets, bite developers as well as hand and shoulder protectors offer top of the line protection, and our bite sleeves are sized for puppies as well as for full-grown dogs. Puppy and Dog Sleeves is a kind of products developed for little creatures. They are manufactured from strong yet safe for your dog French linen or Jute material. Good for both left and right arm. This option helps your pet to get used to biting both hands. Most of them have additional handle handles for reliable fixation. This handle allows you to use the sleeve off the arm training. Super light weight make sure you not get exhausted fast during training. The accessories are easy to clean, properly stitched to prolong their lifespan. Dog Hidden Sleeves are of tube-type. They are adjustable with soft velcros for good and reliable fixation. This allows you to have more control and hold your arm angled close to your body, where it should be during bite work. The key feature of such item is that it can be put under clothes. The design of the sleeve help handlers get a good feel of how their dog is biting. Dogs this hidden sleeve because they can drive their teeth into it to get a full grip bite. Generous padding keeps you from feeling the full effect of the bite. Made of long lasting tightly woven French Linen Jute material with soft interior for your comfort. The sleeve is ambidextrous so it can be used on the right or left arm. Wear under a jacket if used for full contact bite work. Dog Short Sleeve is a