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Hitów zza gdyby nie trapiąca próżno jest szukać skostniałe struktury that might get dropped. That's not good service dog manners. Goals: every service dog has to have goals we can always do better things for our human. and I are adding new tricks for me when we are public now. She has been putting a harness on me human can use me to brace if they have a hard time with balance. far, I am doing really well with the harness, but we still keep practicing it I can get better and better. We are also learning a REALLY cool trick I know human's scent. The trainers call this scent training I call it smelling human and getting to help them when they need it! I am also doing really well at this trick. I am wondering if I am going to be placed with a furever human because has trained me to be a really really good worker. Please come check again a month and and I tell you how I am doing! Status: Hi Everyone! It's It's been a time since I've had update I have lots to share! First-I'm a rock At least that's what the humans at the Prison Program say! I when they say that! I've been here at the prison training with some of the other dogs from the ranch. I really like it here! nice humans to help us with our tricks! I am super amazing at doing things like sit heel come stay paws up touch inside down. I've heard the humans say I have the best down stays EVER! The list of amazingness goes on and on! I can also do some pretty fancy tricks like dial for a medical phone, push for cabinets, button to open doors and I've just started learning lights to turn lights off and on! I just need to say it one more time-Rock Star! Even though I to say and hear that I'm really great I really do remember that I have worked hard to get here. It takes a whole lot of work to be a special service dog! Sometimes we slip and forget to do something or decide we are too tired to do something, but then we remember what a special job we have and that makes our hearts happy. Adventures: that I've grown up and learned much, adventures are fun! I get to go to the yard outside and out with some of the other dogs working hard and I get to visit lots of humans. the day room, I get to be with human and some of the other people she visits with. The other day human put me a down stay and the humans around were talking and laughing and some would say name. I rocked it! said human! 15 minutes and I stayed right where I was supposed to be! Go Me!! Goals: Even when you are awesome, you still have to have goals because we can always be better! I am going to spend more and more time working on light. Sometimes if the wall is very slippery it can be tricky to stay up enough to get the light turned off or on. Our paws can be very slippery and then slooooowly we start going…down the wall. I really like to learn new tricks I am hoping the next month I be learning more really cool tricks to share with you! Your Awesomeness!! HAHAHA Just kidding… Hi Everyone, it's I'm at human's house now. I'm trying really hard to settle and learn some new things, but goodness! This is such a BIG world! I feel next to everything. There are a lot of things for me to explore and get used to. Right now I am working on knowing that when human says that means ME! He is talking to ME! I like that word. Adventures: I've been going on a lot of adventures with human. I really