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Pierwsze i drugie i pokusa by filmie zdaje się trwać friends. Let's exercise this way not to be set into restlessness or agitation anymore…come what come. We are just able to maintain calmness when we are deep confidence, which was built up beyond any difficulties. We have to recognize ourselves, we have to learn to accept ourselves just as we are. And we have to learn, that truth we are Divine beings. And as divine beings we have got the task to put good deeds into action. There is a a book, I publish for you: Powers of the Spirit, and there is a it where God speaks to the people. And He said: You should have been preservers of Creation! But what have you done? You have become desecrators!! think about your true mission on earth: Think good and radiate the divine. Further He said: Thoughts are forces you take up. As more often you think about one thought as more you give him strength. be attentive. Take care of your thoughts, your wishes. And be mindful about the castles the air, you have built, if they are good or whether they serve other people to find the right path. As often we think a certain thought as more power we spend to it. it happens often, that becomes a servant of his own perceptions. Sometimes people think: I can't give up this idea, I 't want to give up that what has hunted me, tormented me reality. Often it's a matter of fact that we are not ready to forgive another person. What are we praying the Lords Prayer 100 times or 1000 times on and on: And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. But honestly asked: Are we able to forgive really those who have offended us and insulted us? How often do you say: No, this I can't forget, I never forget that what this person has done to me...and yet you are involved with negative feelings, negative thoughts, NEGATIVE ENERGIES have caught you and yet you have burdened yourself with it. Finally it is all about to recognize ourselves and to discover the ways which we need to change. By this means, your vibrations are accordingly always negative. You can watch people, who are afraid of this and that might happen, or if they might overlook a danger. They feel delivered to undetermined fate. And if you feel like being delivered to undetermined fate, you be scared, very scared of the future. Then you not take notice, what the next day brings. dear friends, it's all vibration. Every thought consists of vibrations; every thought is reacting back to us. And if you always have the same negative thought, you be programmed negative. If a human always is scared, friends, it take shapes. And you say:? Why do we always fear the worst? No reply! Because they not dare to do something, and because feels delivered. Yes, but by whom do you feel delivered? But not by being against God? God is God is energy, God gives us all of what we are ready to incorporate, dear friends. But if we 't learn the willingness, if we even 't consider that it is possible at all, if we only prevail for our own sake, physical, we never ever what spiritual help is able to do. It always comes back to living preferably to create life We are the children of God, and we can only receive the divine, if we know we are born divine. That is the secret. it depends on us, on our attitude to life, how we master life. And it is needful not to blame others, not to look for guilt at another, not to say he or she is guilty, that's why I am suffering, but to concentrate on 06. What do I contribute, that I be accepted just as I am. Do not say: God, he is such a disgusting There are disgusting gals, too. You have to be really honest with yourself. And time after time you should look into a mirror and ask, yes you there, who are you? What are you, as you are, where are you from? And you should learn to accept yourself. You should learn to be content with yourself, even when you are physically not a