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Dodatków szkoda tak jak dzieło każda określone autor wszystkich wcieleń Best Of Breed and Specialty winning dog. You also may have seen Boomer on the Animal Planet series Breed All About It the episode that featured Boston Terriers. He is a great little dog!! Boomer and produced our Hollyn, and she is really lovely. her here. We repeated the breeding that produced Hollyn 2000, and got another great litter. Our best showgirl from this litter is Ch. Elite's Little named for the beautiful 1950's doll with the large round eyes by the same name. She's a doll AND a winner all right, plus she smiles and hugs us just like a person does she is very S-P-E-C-I-A-L. Her nickname is Smiley Girl. She is a breeder's dream. her here! has a sister named Elite's Isle Of Capri who didn't like being watched by everyone at the shows, she got to stay home and keep house while her sisters and Cissy had to go out and work for a living! this perfectly beautiful girl here. 2004: For Hollyn's last breeding, we chose one of the breed's finest sires The Coz Ch. Flashpoints Cosmic Hollyn had two boys, and during the c-section, husband saw Brady being pulled out and said that one's going to New York's Westminster weekend! At 6 months his first show, he went BOB over a special and got pulled the group. At 8 months, he DID go to the two NY Specialties Westminster weekend, and went winners dog both days! Brady loves to show! Brady went on to sire enough champions to gain his R.O.M. designation. His full name is Ch. Elite's Win-Win Situation R.O.M. Here's the Brade late 2010 Nate was bred to and Norm 's bitch 's Tarbay's Madrigal Of Weywood and 2011 we were able to have two lovely bitches from that breeding: Elite's Pleasant Surprise From Anchors Beka and Elite's Opportunity from Anchors Bindi. These two sisters are wonderful new additions to our breeding program since all of our other girls have entered their senior years now. Thank you to Norm and Debbie for the girls! April of 2012, both Beka and Bindi were bred to our dog Brady and we got some beautiful puppies Bindi had a daughter named Jane, now Ch. Elite's Ties That Bind CGC RN and she is co-owned with Margaret and Thomas She is not only a conformation champion, but she also has her AKC CGC title and her Rally Novice title. She is now working towards her CD obedience title. We kept a female from Beka's litter, and she is Elite's Living Doll 2013 was very exciting as we had our first litter from frozen via a transcervical insemination! The sire is no longer living, but he is Ch. Pequoag's Storm Warning and our little Ch. Elite's It's All Fun And Games Until... was one of the puppies that resulted from the breeding. is super smart she learned how to open her crate at 4 months of age! She wants to learn new things every day and she loves to meet people and kids of all ages. She has a friendly, bullet-proof personality which I She had fun at the shows and finished her championship Sept 2014. When Aryn Hervel met Crush, her first thought was this dog needs a job. The petite cattle dog mix had gone through two owners who couldn't live with her energy until dog trainer Hervel adopted her and put her to work. Hervel channels Crush's exuberance into agility with great success. The former shelter dog has earned the top AKC Agility title of Agility Champion several times over and captured first place her division at the 2012 AKC Agility Invitational. Crush's other careers have included flyball and K9 Nose Work. When Hervel's agility friends announced they were training their dogs for real-life scent detection work, she jumped at the opportunity to place Crush a paid position. That was…until she heard what the dogs tracked. When I first heard about the sewage thing I wasn't sure about it. I mean, who wants to be around sewage? But after seeing how well Crush did her first weekend of training, we were Crush is part of a group of dogs Northern California who have been trained to detect human sewage. While it may sound unpleasant, the dogs provide a vital service towards protecting the health of residents and their waterways. The canine-handler teams work for Environmental Canine Services a Michigan-based