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Monotonnym rytmie chwil i drudzy stają obliczu dostaniemy cenne dolary not your dog's favor!!! Even if your trainer swears the dog live with him, be leery! Not everyone who does this kind of training is bad, or has bad intentions. Some people have integrity no matter what and these are the ones you would need to find. But I only did it for people who were at the end of their leash as it were and were considering taking their dog to a shelter. And, those cases the dogs did live with me home. I didn't have a kennel nor did I take more than one dog at a time, but I always wondered if this kind of training even worked. I usually figured within a short amount of time the dog would regress to his former behavior. But, usually people are too ashamed to admit they haven't kept up on the training I rarely heard from any of the owners of the dogs I took I could assume but chances are higher that they were just afraid to contact me. need to be involved. Writes: That's one of the reasons its important to use a course like to learn how to control your dog, instead of relying on someone It doesn't matter whether you need help potty training, leash training or working on aggression; YOU are the one that needs to learn how to work your dog and what your dog looks like if he is showing signs of aggression. Beware of anything that seems too good to be true!! It probably is!! I have a question. I go to a yearly event that is down the block from a dog breeder that has been established and respected. I have seen them there that I know it is true. Last year we were need of a puppy and couldn't find the right one. We stopped there and found the happiest social mellow 6 month old puppy who came home with us and is our He seemed to come pre socialized, no problems with dogs of any size, people of any size. Some commands he seemed to know already, thank God, cause he started running when gate was open and he sat when we yelled stop. Yes he learned jackpot then. the event is coming up again. Do we kennel him there or at another boarding kennel hr was at and came home happy? Don't want him to feel he was being returned but he could mom and dad and they have more play space. Opinions? Minette Reply: 19th, 2014 at 7 am I 't think dogs have that deep of a thinking process. He may be upset to be left general but he has no concept of being returned unless he has been to a shelter a few times I would take him where he be most happy and cared for best, always! We have 18 month old purebred 20# male miniature poodle who not come when called and not stop barking our backyard. He loves to be outside all the time whether it is just sitting the grass or constantly barking at the squirrels who tease him. We live on 1 of acre and cannot catch him at all. We are considering a citronella collar or taking him to boarding training since we are having no luck; he is too smart and catches on to our tricking him instant. With all I have learned about boarding training from this site, we are now fearful of having his stubbornness cruelly treated. There is no dog treat that entices him enough to come or his favorite toy; we have tried everything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I rescued a 6 mo. Old black shepherd 4 mos. Ago. Evidentally he had been badly traumatized by a male. He still not let a near him. He and I are bonded that I can't leave him alone or destroys pillows, shoes, area rugs, etc. Who would be best to work through his issues? dog is a 3 yr old Shepherd husky chow. He's not friendly with other dogs or people. I was thinking about dog training for boarding but I find it scary because he has never been anywhere but with me. He know some commands but just aggressive. I have a mix. He's a rescue dog and he wasn't socialized. We got him when he was 5 months old. We've tried introducing him to other people dogs and it takes a very time for him to get any type of comfort ability. He's a year old now and we decided to send him to a board train facility for one week. They did use a collar, which I wasn't to thrilled about. But now that dog is home, he just doesn't seem like dog anymore. He seems to be afraid of just about everything. He has no interest playing with toys. He spends 85% of his time his crate. He's gotten a tinge of kennel cough. I'm just not sure what the heck happened. Any input? daughter has a Rottweiler that has become aggressive after having surgery to remove a needle from her abdomen. She has even gotten aggressive with her daughter whom this dog loves. Can this aggression be reversed with training, she has been told no, that the dog probably need to be put down. She is heartbroken she loves this dog much. Paw Law