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Błaznów tymczasem kombinacji różnica jest taka graficznie tytuł nie którego is uncle on his father's side who has eczema I didn't think this was a genetic thing. I told the doctor that at that time there wasn't anyone I knew of the family with any problem like this! That didn't change his opinion. had huge oatmeal like flakes building up on his scalp up until he started taking the combo you prescribed. He was scratching until the patches would bleed. I tried everything, no dairy, the creams, tea tree oil, tar shampoo, etc...... with temporary relief sometimes. But now, no flakes, no itching it is down to the dry patches only those seem to be shrinking also. THANK YOU THANK YOU! 2000 Dear Marijah McCain, Please let everyone know how wonderful the Allergena Homeopathic Medication is for seasonal allergies. I had terrible allergies and couldn't sleep at night Arizona, and when I moved to California had the same thing. I tried the drops and they CURED me. I have never had the awful itchy eyes or mouth again! I was confident it I ordered a bottle for coworker who was always drugged up on Benadryl. He was cleared up the next morning and hasn't had allergies since. boss was amazed he ordered a bottle and he is cured. The secretary that works the office with me ordered a bottle for her friend who had terrible allergies and she says her friend swears by the stuff and she is cured as well. This is the most amazing thing I have seen for allergies. I tell everyone I meet about it. Thanks HHA! HHA Note: These Homeopathic Allergena Products are our catalog and not listed on-line. 2000....thank you for sending me this message... I have been taking for 7 years...just a little yellow tablet... doctor prescribed them to me to deal with teen age daughter...I was aghast at what this article said...I slowly started weaning off...and now have completely stop taking it...hard...gosh that was awful....I finally feel normal...I have moments....anyway.thanks again...I have much to be happy about...'t need a happy pill anymore. C Marijah McCain's note: Way to go girl! Everyone, please take the time to read this article about the Chemical Depression Drugs and read what they are REALLY doing. 2000 Marijah McCain, I had to let you know how our daughter's Medical checkup came out last week at the Oncologist. Those who 't believe that Naturopathics work find this interesting. I told you that they found new Polyps that they couldn't get the endo. tube down to her stomach. These developed after the radiation treatments. They took enormous amount of the polyp tissue to use for biopsies. Every one of the new polyps were benign! The doctor was absolutely stumped. He does know I am ND that our daughter is taking natural products herbs. He has no problem with this. I only wish I had a camera to take a photo of his facial expression our daughter's, when he read those results. He told us,Your daughter's cancer is full remission. Thank God for the herbs He provides and to Herbal Healer Academy for education. Yes, people, they work! 2000 Marijah McCain I wanted to let you know that I have been taking the HHA Mycostat tablets and the HHA Oregano Oil Plus capsules and it has worked wonders on me. I used to go from doctor to doctor trying to figure out why I had a slight vaginal discharge, they all said nothing was wrong with me, it was normal. Then I found one doctor that told me it was a constant yeast infection and said unless it got worse there was nothing they could do. I am happy it's finally gone, it actually only took a couple of days to get rid of. Thank you very much! 2000 Dear Marijah McCain I've been taking your CMO for three weeks and it has restored mobility to knees. I have osteoarthritis both knees with significant cartilage deterioration behind the kneecaps and on the inside of both knees. I'm amazed at the reduction pain and stiffness and the increase flexibility. Thank you for the product. 2000 Marijah McCain: November I had regular pap-smear exam. gynecologist called me to let me know that abnormal cell were found. I asked her what she was going to give me to combat them. She said nothing. Just to come back three months to how bad the condition had gotten, and that I probably would need some surgery. She gave me a pamphlet which explained all