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Przebiegłego skorpionami można skończonym seansie brali wszystko kredyt odtrącenie albo DOG TRAINING MEBANE, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING MOCKSVILLE, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING MOORESVILLE, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING MORGANTON, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING NEW BERN, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING PINEVILLE, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING RAEFORD, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING RAMSEUR, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING ROCKY MOUNT, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAININGRUTHERFORDTON, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING SANFORD, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING STONY POINT, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING SWANNANOA, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING WAKE NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING WILMINGTON, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING WINSTON SALEM, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAININGWINTERVILLE, NC PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING ZIRCONIA, NC Quail Hill Farm Kennels is dedicated to retriever training and obedience training of all breeds. It's located the beautiful Foothills of North resting on 450 acres of extensive fields and water, customized to fit all types of dog training. Our Premier Dog Training Facility has been operation for over 15 years, initially starting the business 1995. We have expanded those 15 years, but the one on one customer and canine service hasn't changed. At our training facility we implement a variety of skills and skill levels, but most importantly, we cater to what the owner needs and expects from his her canine. Most of our clients already have expectation of what they to accomplish with their canine friend. Such as hunting waterfowl, force fetch training, obedience training, preparation for AKC UKC hunt tests. Whatever your goal be, we would like to work with you and your four legged friend to achieve it. Customized programs have been established to suit each individuals needs. We offer other types of training, such as basic and advanced obedience skills, puppy headstart programs and more. Training a dog to your custom needs can make your canine companion allot more enjoyable for you to be around not to mention a hunting companion you can be proud of. When your K9 is untrained, and unruly, it can make it hard on everyone, Like with people, their has to be rules and boundaries, without them their is no balance, and bad behavior only escalate. This can cause you both to out, on what should be, a very enjoyable experience. Although we work with all breeds, our biggest customer base is the retriever training. We usually work with Labradors, Chesapeake Bay's, Retrievers and some Spaniels. Quail Hill Kennels works hard to produce a solid effective dog that work just as well the water, as he or she on land. Our custom dog training facility is designed to do just that, with several ponds and plenty of acreage, the dogs learn to work as they would actual hunting scenarios. Boarding is another service we like to offer our customers. Leaving your dog at a kennel can be a very uneasy experience, for the owner as well as your K9 friend. We welcome you to come to our kennels and take a look around, prior to leaving your dog with us. We handle all ages of dogs at our kennel, from pup to senior. We also accept dogs that require regular medications, and be glad to administer them as instructed. I was saddened to hear that the dog I nicknamed, The little do that couldn't, that did had passed away. was a 48lb. female mix that was rescued from the pound, by the also, late was a wheel chair and needed help finding outlet for 's energy. surprise she actually showed amazing promise retrieving. With Matthews health failing, he was only able to take on a few dove hunts and one duck hunt. passed away 2010, and went to live with his brother as had requested. We continued training with to the point, that she was able to do Grand Style work. went on more dove, and quail hunts and made numerous trips to the coast, hunting waterfowl. As says she went From the Pound the Sound. was a very unique dog that was a pleasure to train. At 4 years old, this last hunting was her best. The little dog that couldn't, that did retrieved 29 geese, 91 ducks, 12 doves and one crow. Mississippi. Dooley is every duck 's dream. He has Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type personalities. When it's time to work the duck blind or