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Surowego wojskowego szlachty żywcem reaguje okoliczności dzieciństwa obserwujemy duszą która from Fort Worth, Texas. He was only 9 years old. was born 15 Marlin, Texas. He was raised and educated the -Fort Worth area, graduating from T. Washington High School 1952. After that early radio experience, said he was hooked. After serving the Marine Crops as a radio-telephone operator and receiving commendations for outstanding service, he went on to complete formal broadcast training at the School of Radio and Television Science, which also produced such graduates as The Real Steele and Eubanks. would become one of the first African Americans to obtain a FCC first-class radio telephone operators license Southern California. career began 1960 Los when fm radio was its infancy. Those were pioneer days fm broadcasting, writes his autobiography. It was gratifying and rewarding, because you learned all sides of the business: sales, programming, production; You name it, you did it. It was small market radio a market. We purchased time from the radio station, and then sought local advertisers order to cover the cost. The local African American community was the hotbed for Jazz and Blues, and a natural supporter advertising sales. During career, I have enjoyed the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of Jazz's best and greatest. The early stations worked for included legendary Jazz KBCA. was also part of the founding crew of djs that created the sound of KJLH radio station-Kindness and Happiness. The mantra the early days was they played the music the people wanted to hear. Among the phrases created were music designed with you mind; this is the lion's den, suite 910, welcome friend to the melodical, lyrical, powerful sounds of Jazz, and closing his show as Rozenia's little boy, saying bye-bye, I'm gonna you later, and tutaonana. After leaving radio, exploited the business side of his talents by becoming the marketing manager at 's' House of Chicken and Waffles and eventually full manager of the South Los store. He returned to the radio airwaves Spring 2007 on all-Jazz KJAZZ where held down his favorite shift, midnight to 6 a.m., KABC, 1983. was selected over 2 applicants to co-host KABC's SportsTalk show. She's now working England., KMEN KGGI 1987. ski reporter for Mountain News Network Orinda, California, and freelance voiceover commercial production from his home KIIS, 1990. is senior vp of programming for Premiere Radio Networks., Grahame: KFAC, 1972. While living Tucson, Grahame died 1992., KBRT, 1980. is president of Vallie Richards Consulting, based Atlanta., K.M.: KGIL, 1977 and 1989; KNJO, 1978; KWNK, 1988. K.M. works for Pacific the Residence Service Center., Lisa:, KSRF, 1980. using his real name, is a news anchor at KFYI-Phoenix., KWIZ, 1981. has active career. KGBS, 1967. arrived the Southland from KAYO-Seattle. was a singer on Hickory Records and a regular with the Foggy River Boys on the old Red Foley was born November 30, and he was raised Malden, Missouri. He was married to country singer Wynette from 1978 until her death 1998. Richey was a mainstay of the Nashville country music community since the 1960s through his songwriting and record production. Head of Columbia records, the 1970s, he wrote hits for future wife Wynette and Wynette's then-husband, Jones, including Jones' and and Wynette's and among other artists. Richey served as the musical director for the television show from 1970 to 1977. Upon marrying Wynette, Richey served as Wynette's manager during the 1980s. retreated from public life after marrying Slaughter, a Cowboy cheerleader, and became a social media advocate with his highly popular Facebook page 'T SMOKE, 'T SMOKE, 'T SMOKE, IT WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE. Richey died peacefully on July 31, following a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. There was no public memorial, per his request and he was