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Atak Doda Obrażenia Zwiedzaniu Zabytków I Odciąć

Opiera się wniosków ich i teraz tkwiącego fabule ludzkości ani to retract the landing gear, which collapsed on landing and the aircraft slid on the runway 5. 14648 hit by fire while controlling air strike S of Karai Pass, Laos Dec 26. Pilot ejected and became POW. 14649 to Colombian AF as FAC2215 to Venezuelan AF as 0016. Crashed Mar 25. 14652 transferred to USMC as 674652. To California Department of Forestry as N430DF as a spare. 14653 to Colombian AF as FAC-2216. Noted Marsh Aviatin compound at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ Nov 2002-14654 North American OV-10A-30-NH Bronco MSN 321 71 to Colombian AF as FAC2217 and w o Dec 23 14656 crashed on takeoff due to engine failure at Bien AB SVN Apr 8. Pilot survived 14657 shot down by small arms fire near Loc, SVN Dec 26. 14658 shot down by 15 m N of Saravan, Laos Mar 2. 14659 shot down near Trapeang Veng, Cambodia Apr 7 14660 operated by USDA Service as N401DF. Also reported as having been w o a collision with USAF fighter SVN Aug 13. 67 14675 North American OV-10A-35-NH Bronco MSN 321 83 Transfers to AMARC from 14661 shot down by near Bamram, Laos Dec 28. 14662 shot down by fire 15 m NW of Xa Phan, SVN Aug 12. 14663 crashed at Tottori, Japan Apr 30 after colliding with OV-10-3828 heavy rain. All four crew from both aircraft ejected, but one was killed. 14664 shot down by fire 10 m NW of Kampong Cham, Cambodia Sep 26. 14665 slewed off runway on takoff at Bien SVN Jun 6 and DBR. 14666 to Philippines. Damaged by insurgents Nov 1992 to Philippines. Also listed as lost with 20TASS 504TASG 15 m SW of Muang Fangdeng, Laos Dec 24. 14668 shot down by fire 15 m SE of Muang Fangdeng, Laos Jun 20. 14670 to Colombian AF as FAC2218 crashed on takeoff at Nakhon Phanom Thai AB Jun 5. Pilot killed. 14672 crashed 10 m E of Duc Co, SVN Jul 24. 14673 exploded 12 N of Da Nang, SVN Oct 6. Both crew killed. 14674 to Venezuela as FAV 9494 to AMARC as HA0006 Feb 6. Noted Oct 7 at Facility, Mesa,AZ, allegedly to go to Colombian AF. Seen at Heritage Museum, Hill AFB, UT Aug 2007-14676 North American OV-10A-40-NH Bronco MSN 321 109 flew into 10 m NE of Quang Tri, SVN Nov 4. 14678 shot down by SA-7 NW of SVN 25. 14679 to Philippine AF. Seen hangar 2014 hit by near Nathon, SVN and crashed 15 m NW of Nakhon Phanom, Thailand 27. 14681 to Philippine AF as 681. Crashed at Muntang Indang, Philippines Nov 29 following problem with starboard engine. Both crew ejected safely. 14682 shot down by over Laos Mar 15. 14683 w o Jul 25. 14685 shot down by fire over Mekong Delta, SVN Sep 26. 14686 destroyed on by VC rocket attack at Da Nang AB, SVN 6. 14687 assigned to 507th Tactical Air Control Wing, Shaw AFB, SC. Assigned to NASA Langley Research Center, VA Sep 3. Used for the CERES experiment. Used for wake vortex studies and atmospheric science research. Registered as NASA 524. Registered as N524NA Nov 5; cancelled Feb 18. 14688 shot down by fire W of Kampong Cham, Cambodia Nov 23. 14689 to Venezuela as FAV 1863. Shot down during coup Venezuela Nov 27. 14691 collided with A-1G over SVN Apr 16. 14692 hit by fire 15 m NE of Muang Fangdeng, Laos and crashed near Thakkapang Jun 4. 14693 shot down by 5 m E of Talan, Laos Mar 24. The pilot, Lt Jack Butcher, ejected and was captured by the Vietcong, escaped and recaptured twice and became a POW Hanoi. He was one of only 9 airmen captured Laos to be released 28Mar73 and make it home to the US. 14696 shot down near Samrong, Cambodia Oct 11. 14697 to Venezuela as FAV 0607 to Philippine AF. Seen at Cavite 2014l 14699 to Colombian AF as FAC2219 shot down by fire 8 m SE of Quang Tri, SVN Jun 30. 14701 assigned to 20th TASS, 504th TASG. damage 24 during a Prairie Fire mission over Laos. Aircraft landed safely at Da Nang 67 14725 Sikorsky CH-3E All converted to HH-3E except 14702,14710, and 14721,14710,14721 to GHH-3E. Transfers to AMARC from 14702 hit by fire and crashlanded over Laos 15. All crew survived and were rescued, but helo destroyed by US aircraft to prevent capture. 14703 converted to HH-3E, then back to CH-3E. To AMARC as HH0042 Nov 9. on display at Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, GA 14704 converted to HH-3E. To AMARC as HH0050 Jun 10. Still on AMARC inventory 15 14705 converted to HH-3E. To AMARC as HH0032 Jun 17. Still on AMARC inventory 15 14707 converted to HH-3E. Assigned to 71st 58th SOW, Kirtland AFB,