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Musiało wystarczyć sadystyczny wuj fotografii program when i look, jacyś of the 4th Army on 12 October was more effective than expected by the British. The 18th Division held the line opposite Poelcappelle and retained most of its area after committing all of its reserves. The command considered the Allied advance the north to be less dangerous than that towards the defensive line, between Passchendaele and Drogenbroodhoek. One division was moved to Morslede and another to the area between Westrozebeke and Stadenberg, either side of Passchendaele. The 195th Division at Passchendaele had casualties The Canadian Corps relieved the II Anzac Corps on 18 October, the depression between Gravenstafel Ridge and the heights at Passchendaele. The captured made a slightly better starting line for the Second Battle of Passchendaele, which began on 26 October. On 22 October the 18th Division of XVIII Corps attacked the east end of Polecappelle as XIV Corps to the north attacked with the 34th Division between the Watervlietbeek and Broenbeek streams and the 35th Division attacked northwards into Houthulst The attack was intended to push forward the left flank of the Fifth Army, to guard against a counter-attack on the flank of the Canadian Corps, when it attacked Passchendaele. The artillery of the Second and Fifth armies conducted a bombardment to simulate a general attack as a deception. Poelcappelle was captured but the attack at the junction between the 34th and 35th divisions was repulsed. counter-attacks pushed back the 35th Division the centre but the French captured all their objectives. Attacking on cut up by bombardments and soaked by rain, the British had struggled to advance places and lost the ability to move quickly to outflank pillboxes. The 35th Division infantry reached the fringes of Houthulst but were pushed back places after being outflanked turn. counter-attacks after 22 October, had equal disadvantage and were costly failures. The 4th Army was prevented from transferring troops away from the Fifth Army and from concentrating its artillery-fire on the Canadians as they prepared for the Second Battle of Passchendaele the worst weather conditions of the campaign, which occurred the five weeks after the Battle of Broodseinde, the number of troops engaged by the British amounted to no more than those involved the Battle of Pilckem Ridge on 31 July. On 26 October, 34 battalions took part the attack, on 30 October, battalions, on 6 November 10 battalions, on 10 November 11 battalions, on 2 December 10 battalions and the New Zealand attack on Polderhoek Château during 3 December, was made by two battalions. British losses October 1917 were the third highest of the war, after July 1916 and 1917. According to J. E. Edmonds, the British official historian, on 7 October, Gough and Plumer told Haig that they favoured ending the campaign, because of the return of poor weather and general state of the battlefield. Prior and Wilson wrote that this meeting did not appear contemporary records and doubted that it took place. British Expeditionary Force time went back one hour to Greenwich Mean Time on 8 October, the attack beginning at British Summer Time. The progression of the season can be seen the changes of zero hour relative to British Summer Time. Messines, 7 June Pilckem Ridge, 31 July Gheluvelt Plateau, 10 Langemarck, 16 Menin Road, 20 Polygon Wood, 26 Broodseinde, 4 October Poelcappelle, 9 October and First Passchendaele, 12 October Zones were based on lettered squares of the army each map square was divided into four sections 3 sq yd The observer used a call-sign of the map square letter then the zone letter to signal to the artillery. All guns and howitzers up to 6 able to bear on the target, opened rapid fire using corrections of aim from the air observer. Main Content Skip carousel of pet photos and or videos This is inline carousel of images and or videos of this pet. Hi there, I'm glad to you checking out I'm Gunter and it's great to meet you. I'm looking for a new family to call own! Could it be you? Here's stats: Possible Breed: Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso Gender:I'm a Colors: White and Brown Age: The vet says around 9 years Weight: About 22 pounds-I'm a sturdy Ideal home: I can live with other pups or be your one-and-only for more good stuff!- Hi there. Let me tell you about myself. I guess you could say, I'm a laid back kind of a