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Darmo gaży rywalizacji to jej wszystko emploi tego wniosków ich tool a hacker might use against you. Site Testing Tools Web Services Browsing Testing Tools Tools to browse web services, to their available methods, arguments, return types. Dreamweaver 't the feature the Application Panel, Components tab, to select web services from the drop down where you can provide a WSDL URL and DW browse the web service, showing its available methods and their arguments, etc Liquid XML Studio, for advanced XML Development Environment and XML toolkit containing all the tools needed for designing and developing XML schema and XML applications, including web services testing and browsing. For XML novice or expert, the intuitive interface and comprehensive features help you save time and money developing a successful XML project. Following are online or downloadable tools to provide time tracking, invoicing, and billing services Virtual or Cloud servers have become a significant alternative to physically hosted servers. The cloud computing space is frequently changing. Be sure to read up on the options and competitors available, including those below. These tools can help solve problems, from dealing with handling changed URL patterns for your site, to even masking the fact that your pages are dynamic Users of IIS 7 and above should note that added a free URLRewrite feature, the last tool listed below which has lessened the need for 3rd party tools, though some still add value Streamcatcher, free and commercial, for IIS 3, 5, and 7 As for free compared to paid version, when registered, features are active on unlimited number of domains for each licensed web server. Tuckey URLRewrite, free, multiplatform, A Web Filter for any compliant web application servers which allows you to rewrite URLs before they get to your code. For more on using filters with CFML, Feb 2003 CFDJ article, Fun with Filters also a more specific resource on using this filter with Railo, whose info generally applies also to ColdFusion as well. Tools to cache content within web servers, to help speed web processing for clients and on the server. These services offer historical presentations of how web sites have appeared over time. The classsic is but there are others, and I wanted to list them here. These sites offer web site designs, most free, some commercial. When you want to make it easy for your users to enter text into a form, and permit them to mark it up or add HTML that's where a WYWIWYG editor, or a Rich Text editor, comes handy. With respect to the editors below, note that the reference to platform refer to either client or server requirements. Rather than detail them, I offer simply whatever platform information I could easily glean from the site. To confirm details for your needs, the respective product site for more details. I started this list back 2002, which I hosted on older Systemanage site. You can even the original via the good ol' Internet Wayback Machine this view of the as of 2002. Of course, I've updated it substantially since then, bringing it over to site mid-2007 It now has over links to over 2 tools resources over 175 categories. I welcome additions corrections feedback. I've gathered most of them myself but I welcome community participation. Again, with regard to any of the above, I welcome additions corrections feedback. If you're a keeper of lists yourself, I'd ask that you please do not just copy paste this and its categories to your own site. Of course, the information I link to is public info. I'm referring to the organization of it. I certainly welcome people pointing others to this list, including deep-linking to a specific category. I ultimately also create RSS feed to