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Osoby zewnątrz serce jest dobrze oddaje jego decyduje się uśpić a Holistic nutrition consultant, Reiki Master and Reflexologist. I have referred clients to you. The Essiac tea is wonderful! I have had clients with Cancer and other health issues take this. It has helped them to have regular bowel movements and energy levels as well as helped with nausia and other symptoms. I take it regularly to control and as a gentle detox. I also the Colloidal Silver. Ive also been taking the Colloidal Silver with tea and taking the Mycostat. I never get cold sores but I woke up with one last week I put a drop of silver on lip several times throughout the the end of the day it was gone and had scabbed over and by the second day the scab pealed off, they say that naturally it takes 8 days to get rid of and mine was gone by the end of the first day. I also give the silver to kids and myself when they start to get sick any way. It works wonderfully!Thank you for all your work and also the informative cds and articles! I share them with every one I can! 2013 Dear Herbal healer, I want to thank-you for all your wonderful products! Ive been a customer for 8 years now. four years ago I had a papsmear which came back abnormal, I tested positive for HPv virus, I had a biospy and they told me to return every 6 months for a check up.every 6 months since 2008 i had to go and get cut because the HPv virus kept returning and kept coming back abnormal. I finally contacted herbal healer Live Chat and was told to order the HPV homopathtic drops. Im happy to report this last pap came back normal and neg on the HPV virus, the first time 4 years!!!! Thanks for your support! I also took collildad silver evryday and drank the essiac tea, I your site! God Bless! Feb 13 I visited OB GYN early 2010. I had annual examp, PAP, etc. At the end of the year, I got a call from her office saying that she was retiring but that I was positive for HPV. I didn't even know what it was and I blew off the conversation. I went to another OB GYN late last year. They told me that I was positive for HPV high grade. After hearing that I orderd the HPV Nosode homeopathic drops and started using them early I went through one bottle and ordered another one, ,which I started taking last week. I went for a Colposcopy a couple weeks ago On Monday they called me and told me that the tissue was negative. I was happy! I was thanking God for guiding me to Herbal Healer Academy. I have a follow up 6 months. I am going to finish bottle just to continue the healing process, but I am eternally grateful for this product. 2013 YOUR ECHINACEA SNAKEBITES: I want to praise the high quality of your echinacea. No where have I found any quality that matches yours. It saved husband's life from a copperhead snake bite even with heart problems. I added some of homemade plantain with it. It stoped all symptoms literally seconds and the swelling left 3 days. If the tincture does not number your tongue, throw it the trash. Your tincture numbs the tongue, high quality. Please never lessen the quality of this herbal tincture no matter what the price, it is priceless. Dec 2012 YIPPEE! I would like to submit a testimonial for your Women Balance that I ordered this month! I have suffered for the past 2 years with extensive bleeding and passing large clots during menstrual cycle. The cramps were disabling, and periods were coming later each month. I was unable to leave home during period, due to the heavy flow I tried your Women Balance twice daily and am happy to report that last period was very normal! I had no clots, a normal menstrual flow, and a vast reduction cramping! I'm back to normal now! Thank you ever much! It's like I have life back! 2012 Thank you for your products!!! beautiful Labrador Bri is on the 4 tea for over a month now...& is responding!!'!! She was found to have Liver Lung Cancer on 14th... far, good!!! addition I'm taking the Male Super plex along with the Multi-vitamin, as well as Calcium The Cidar Vinegar, and me energy level is awesome!!! And am having excellent bowel movements... Thanks again for all you do...I recommend your site as often as possible! 2012 About a year ago I returned from a year deployment Iraq where I ate