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Instytucji to nie tęsknota życiem kwestie rozmówców trochę paskudnych, ran vaccination token, fines are frequently enforces if not applied. Serial number micro chip must be injected all pet dogs. If not, you definitely get a fine and get forced to buy a chip. Off leash is prohibited, but never enforced. Most dog owners use leash the road and get dogs off leash the park. There are few people that complain, but overall the communities are dog friendly. Dog swimming is allowed, except if somebody informs the dog owner that he doesn’t feel comfortable at the beach. However, Greeks are not popular for obeying laws and thus dog owners usually ignore them, since there is a loophole to which authority between police and coast guard needs to enforce it. Dog owners are obliged to keep their pet’s medical information with them, while on a walk If dog owner doesn’t want strangers to pet his dog, he is required to tie a yellow ribbon on the leash. And favorite: The law forbids dog banning, except buses, private areas and shops of hygienic importance, such as restaurants, groceries, etc. For example, it is not possible for a house lease contract or a building’s bylaw to ban dogs. case there is a ban, the law clearly explains that the regulation is void, however for those cases the law sets a maximum of three dogs five cats and some other thresholds depending the pet. If no ban is made, there is no threshold of the number of pets you can keep. Also the threshold doesn’t apply for people who use pets as guides or they can medically prove that their more than 3 pets are essential for their psychological stability There are some new laws coming up, But they are still being cooked. Australia we are allowed 2 dogs as normal with extra permits for more and to walk them on leases, there is some talk about banning dogs at outdoor cafes. Dogs are left outside shops mostly tied unless trained, they do enjoy the extra pats from strangers. People talk more if they walk their dogs around the shops, much less if walking them the suburbs, probably because we drive to the shops. Those of us with the old 1 acre block sizes, which is most of us, let them roam around the backyard or even the whole yard if fenced. Never heard of crating except for travel crates. It is normal to leave dogs at home while we work, but with two dogs and more land they seem Our neighbors say our dogs 't bark if we are not home. Home video tends to prove they just lay about the shade or wander around or play with each other. Have outdoor kennel but now they sleep inside to stop them keeping the neighbors awake when barking at possums the backyard or at roaming dogs the street at night. Day time they bark at strangers and barking at the Postie's bike, it is the highlight of their day. But dog socialization is decreasing they really go off at strange dogs, but not a peep if next doors dogs get out, because they are known. Number one complaint is people walking their dog getting barked at by dogs that stay at home. Dogs are barking like mad, someone must be walking their dog, past. Council is looking for a technology solution to this complaint. Local Governments are over reacting and now declaring dogs dangerous for no reason or seizing and trying to kill them. Instead of training and socialization it is going to legislation and punishing them and owners. 24million people, 4 Million dogs, 37% of 9million households have dogs. 30 years about 33 deaths by dogs. Forget what you read about Australia, the most dangerous animal we have is the horse, nearly three times as deaths as dogs and there are less horses, cows and bulls kill more than dogs too. Watch out for Kangaroos and bees too, now you can worry about the sharks and snakes, but spiders not much. Homicides are about 300 yr, humans are 300 times more dangerous than dogs. Our newer suburbs with much smaller block sizes are causing dog and human behavioral issues. No idea how city apartment people are coping, they seem to mostly have little yappers. We have some breed specific legislation, that probably go if people come to their senses. One child's death causes massive overreaction and legislation that seems over the top. After all it is the humans fault not the dog's. There are some off lease parks, not enough for good socialization. Dogs must be microchipped and registered, fees are higher for non desexed cats and dogs. Desexing is very common now as we have a wild dog and feral cat problem. You can have more than 2 dogs if you have 2 Acres or more and you can get permits for more. New Legislation to stop puppy farms, too early to tell if it make a difference. I think the only thing all these