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Pod wpływem jakieś wnioski niczego nie wyjaśnia ich deklaracjami odwzorowanym attempting to correct the problem at a later date. Here are some methods to prevent hard mouth. When your puppy is three to four months, and before any contact with birds, begin putting your fist the puppy's mouth. If his teeth are too sharp, then wear a thin leather glove. Do this once a day initially. If the pup tries to bite down on your fist, then force your fist deeper into his mouth. He'll let up on the pressure. Do this drill until there is no biting. Simultaneous to the fist the mouth drill, you should have your pup a puppy obedience class. If you're a beginner at training bird dogs, the structure of a class help you develop your skills and be better for the pup. Any and all further training be easier with obedient dog. The next step is to do yard drills for retrieving. I use a small dummy for pups. Keep them on their lead and start with short throws…five to ten feet to begin. After they pick up the dummy, pull them back to you immediately. 't allow them to chew on the dummy. After the dummy, use frozen game birds such as quail. Dogs are hesitant to bite down on a frozen bird. As your puppy grows and you've built a good base for preventing hard mouth, be careful not to ruin your training. One example would be playing tug-of-war. This is a no-no. You're encouraging hard mouth with this old game. Another mistake made by inexperienced handler owner is to jerk a bird from the dog's mouth. This, to the dog, is a sign of competition and he'll resist dropping the bird. With proper obedience training, after locating a downed bird, your dog not have time to chew or crush. He'll come to you immediately with the here or come command. When he is almost to you, back up one step to make him come just a little further. Never walk toward your dog. Give him the command to drop. You should have a bird ready for the table. One situation the field, which you'll need to be cautious about, is running two dogs. If your running two dogs, they should be taught to honor point and then only one dog released for the retrieve. Two dogs fighting over the same bird is a problem. Hard mouth come fast. Avoid competition among dogs at all times. If you haven't done the groundwork to prevent hard mouth from the beginning, how is it cured once developed? There are two cures for serious hard mouth and, if you're a novice trainer, both require assistance from a professional. The most commonly used method and most successful is to force fetch your dog. Proper force-fetch training insure a prompt and rapid retrieve with no post-shot damage to the bird. The e-collar can also be used. Many times this column, however, I've warned about the use of the e-collar untrained or undisciplined hands. If done improperly, both the force-fetch and e-collar can ruin a dog. Check with your local NAVHDA Chapter for a trainer who can assist you with correcting hard mouth. In New England, two well-known trainers are Dave Trahan of On Point Kennels Deerfield, NH and ME. You can reach at 207-8229 Fuller is host of Bird Dogs Afield program which be seen on the Network. Through cooperation with Northwoods Sporting Journal, 's previous columns are now available on his website which is can be contacted at A divorce is a court judgment ending a marriage. The court requires a legal reason for the divorce. Grounds or reasons for a divorce are discussed starting at question 13. addition to legally ending your marriage, the court looks at other issues which need to be decided before the divorce becomes final. No. Married couples choose to live apart from each other, but remain married, for religious, personal, or financial reasons, or for the sake of the children. You decide to seek a Judgment of Separate Support or a Judgment of Support. A Judgment of Separate Support can decide custody. The main difference is that a judgment of divorce ends the marriage; a judgment of separate support does not end the marriage. Although there are differences between them, a separate support judgment can address some of the same issues as a divorce, such as custody, parenting time, visitation, child support, support for one of the spouses. There is no legal separation, Massachusetts. You do not have to get court permission to live apart from your spouse. It is legal to live apart from your spouse. Massachusetts, spouses can make separation agreements. A separation agreement is a written agreement signed by the husband and wife. If you complete a Separation Agreement without filing it with the court, it is a contract between you and your spouse. It is not a court order. While it not be a bad idea to have a contract, it be difficult to