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Newmanowi tym razem trzeba myśleć bez boga i dostaje się His inappropriate behaviors and teenage rebellions became much of a problem that we decided obedience school was a must. After enrolling ourselves and into a basic training class, and I found some minor improvements 's behavior; however, he still continued to challenge us.We could not continue to live like that, we took the advice of our vet and called from Canine Dimensions. After our first session with we knew would be the best thing to ever happen to us. taught us how to be good leaders for He taught us simple and complex commands.After the very first session, unbelievably, became a different dog. He still maintained his quirky and lively personality, but the difference was that now showed us respect. He is happy to obey commands. He is content and comfortable with the order of our household. now knows what is expected of him, and it truly brings him pleasure to do what is expected of a good dog. continues to be part of our lives as we call him with questions or concerns that arise. He has been excellent support system, and we look forward to continuing our work with him as we adopt a second Doberman puppy! has changed our lives for the better and we highly recommend him for any level of obedience training. Our Maltese, Yulee had a bad habit of biting strangers who came into our home. We didn't know what to do, but from Canine Dimensions came to the rescue. She took Yulee to her home for a 10 day Board and Train program. Yulee now obeys our instructions, doesn't bite, and is more lovable than ever. wife and I thank for a job well done. Striker is a terrific trainer. She has such a great understanding of dogs that she was able to immediately figure out why we were having problems with our two standard poodles. Of course, the problem was us. She helped us understand how our behavior was sending the wrong signals to our dogs. From there, she showed us the methods to get our dogs to behave like we wanted. Very humane. Very practical. And very fun. She also made herself available via email and phone between home visits, which was quite helpful. All all, our dogs are much better today than they were before we hired And we've learned to relate to them a much better way, which has enhanced the quality of life our home dramatically. I can't recommend highly enough. She's great! It would not be exaggeration to state that Pumpkin and our beloved mixed breed dogs, were a collective handful and getting more and more out of hand their behaviors. our rambunctious male rescue puppy, was one and a half years old and growing daily strength and independence. Pumpkin, our six year old female rescue dog was beginning to imitate the negative behaviors of .With a sense of mounting apprehension and frustration we reached out to Canine Dimensions for assistance making our two dogs return to acceptable behaviors. Grant from Canine Dimensions came to our home to observe and assess the source of our growing anxiety and distress. After observing our dogs' behaviors a variety of situations and exercises, was able to offer immediate suggestions, concrete corrective measures, and much needed encouragement for dogs and owners alike.We want to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Canine Dimensions and especially to for much needed help and understanding at a rather critical time the development and behavior of our two treasured companions. the seven months since I had rescued Sputnik, he had caused over $1000 of damage. I found it hard to admit that I needed help, having previously trained two Shepherds without any difficulty. But it became obvious that little Sputnichka needed something more his obedience training than I could provide. He had jumped out of a car window, eaten a seatbelt, and destroyed his first crate during crate training and several hundred dollars of clothing. Finding through Canine Dimensions was quite fortuitous.Scheduling the training sessions was very easy; she worked around schedule. Sputnik felt very comfortable with her which made training that much easier. While I'm still having a little difficulty getting Sputnik to go to his place when visitors come by he can now sit, down, stay, come, and heel without any difficulty. I highly recommend and Canine Dimensions for all of your doggie training needs. I bought a little Pit Bull puppy from a shopping cart at the flea market. It was hot and she was small, I could not resist her. She quickly became a member of the family, however, her initial training was lacking and she quickly overstayed