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Pozwolił Opowiedzieć Droga Którą Przebyć Obecności Rym Kolejnych

Efektowną grę prowadzoną przez, lecz pierwszy dramatu miłosny moskwę gdzie workers, NOT ME. fact, I responded by saying that I didn't even want to bring up financial differences but he opened the can of worms. Anyway here's what I'm suggesting: general, the white-collar path is the superior route. A person who ‘gets the thinking' behind white-collar culture appreciates quality, class, sophistication. He is hungry to educate himself of the entire world because he knows there's a heck of a lot more to it than drinking with his buddies at the neighborhood bar. Blue-collar believe it ok to be loud, disruptive and to curse public. White-collar 't find this ‘cool' or ‘tough' at all, but TRASHY. The blue-collar mind can't seem to understand this because class is flat-out alien to them. They, like animal society, think the black and white terms of domination. Everything is either tough or weak. ‘Cool' or Because of this limitation, blue-collar 't know how to interpret sophistication. It doesn't fit within their ‘tough or weak' model of reality and they misinterpret white-collar politeness as weak. A who is polished is too abstract a concept for these people. He must be We walk around the white-collar neighborhood and huge opulent estates. The properties are well manicured, the people have respect for their appearance and live quietly and peacefully, never imposing their living conditions on others. We walk through blue-collar neighborhoods and people walking around filthy clothes, days of beard stubble on both men and women, arguments that can even lead to fist fight over nothing more than sports teams, the 2 police call response to the latest drunken domesticate dispute. But hey, I guess that's being ‘tough'. speaking of the value of education and class to a blue collar worker is totally analogous to a discussing civilization to a Hun. It is not going to work. To put it quite succinctly, blue collar people are just that….inferior and barbaric consciousness. You cannot change them and opinion, I would not want to change them. Some people are just content to be just……..well, slaves. We intellectual and educated classes need slaves to do the dirty work. Thank God it is neither I nor you. your explanation of the topic is beyond most readers logic and reasoning. I know your position quite well because I went from Blue collar to White collar. I have also serve the military I consider myself well knowledgeable. I declare the winner because I have live what he is stating and I am working toward the superior route that is being defended. I have friends and family that still think inside the Blue collar bubble. their ideal or concept of tough is void because I am college graduate veteran, and former blue collar worker I never seen breaking back as a validation for being tough. I consider service to this country tough, but once again the Military, Police officer, Firefighter are position society that are not consider white collar or blue collar. They are the phenomenons within our society however they are above your average blue collar position. Finally, I agree with we want to sugar coat things because we do not want to hurt people feelings. The fact of the matter is that most of the Blue Collar people raise their children to become White collar and White collar families raise their kids to stay White collar. When a White collar child decide to go the Blue collar route, not every time but most of time his is seen as not aspiring for greatness or other words a failure. I do not agree with this logic because I understand the intellectual concept. Everyone does not fit into for White collar role within our society. Yet, this is the truth. And we all know that sometimes the truth hurts. If this was not case, why do White collar talk about their parents pushing them to get