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Dwóch które wykorzystane nie ziewają nie nieśmiertelność to spora wizji month old I do not use commands but cue words he has learned. He has heard Here but he really does not know what it means yet. I bring him to me with the bird without commands. He is learning to come back Here already with this cue word and noise that make the actual command here easy to transfer. For more clips go to the Papillon is not a service dog and his owner doesn't try to misrepresent him as one. this photo, he is simply acting as a model to portray the all too common trend among some dog owners who claim that their pet dogs are service dogs, just they can take them everywhere. Depending on where you live, you may be accustomed to seeing people routinely bringing their pet dogs into businesses, that are not pet friendly, and claiming that their dogs are service dogs. This leaves business owners to feel they have no recourse; even when the dog is misbehaving! There is no specific demographic who can be singled out for taking part this behavior. There are plenty of teenage girls who try to emulate celebrities, by using small dogs as fashion accessories. However, there are also countless people, both men and women, who own dogs of every variation of size and breed, who try to get away with bringing their pets into places like grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants and other places of public accommodation that are not pet friendly. These individuals cry wolf -or should we say, service dog- when they are asked to remove their dogs from these places. Individuals, who are part of the fake service dog, movement, have earned the title of fakers. from some members of the legitimate service dog community. The term, faker, has become a derogatory term among service dog handlers and others within the disabled community. While it is not the most politically correct term, it is certainly poignant. The vast majority of people who misrepresent their pet dogs as service dogs simply do to gain access to places that normally restrict pets. All they want is to spend more time with their loving companions. They do not take the time to think about how their actions affect others, but the unfortunate reality is that the entire service dog community suffers. The manner which most legitimate service dog teams conduct themselves is direct contrast to that of pet owners, who misrepresent their dogs as service dogs. As this trend increases, does the skepticism of the general public, as well as business owners. When business owners, employees and the general public doubt the legitimacy of a service dog team, a ripple effect is created. The act of misrepresenting a pet as a service dog is one of the primary factors that are responsible for the prevalence of access challenges to legitimate service dog teams. Access challenges, especially those which are not resolved quickly and smoothly, can be the beginning of very negative and psychologically tolling experiences, for service dog teams. The worst case scenario of access challenge, despite its illegality, is one that is not resolved; resulting substantial, undue stress for the service dog team. As a result of people who misrepresent their pets as service dogs, legitimate service dog teams face increased degree of discrimination, forms beyond access challenges. Business owners, employees and gatekeepers are likely to hold legitimate service dog teams to the low standard of behavior that has been set by their previous experiences with pets, who have been misrepresented as service dogs. Some examples of these other forms of discrimination are: Service dog teams inevitably receive discrimination some form, on a regular basis; whether it is a result of others' thoughtless behavior or simply because a business owner doesn't like dogs, doesn't want his or her business to be associated with the disabled community or has some other ridiculous notion. However, it is certainly worth taking the time to reflect upon just how significantly a seemingly harmless act can affect the lives of entire subculture, within a particular area. Identifying a Legitimate Service Dog Team: Observing Both Dog and Handler ¹It is usually easy to tell the difference between a legitimate service dog team and a person who is accompanied by a pet dog, if one knows what to look for. However, the vast majority of people have not had encounters with legitimate service dog teams, which prevents them from having a standard to keep mind. They are