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Fason to osobowość jest siłą do granic nim kombinować europie he had never done before. Instead of using the collar, I'll be checking Gun Dog Supply's return policy. I I'll have a good report on that. I suspect that the shock was set too high at the factory. If it were set lower I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this electronic collar for a larger dog like a lab. But I 't think this product is suitable for dogs as small as $40 Value You get this FOR FREE when you buy this ecollar. We are proud to announce that Professional Dog Trainer MacFarlane is working with us! We just wrapped another video shoot, and are launching her latest DVD. PREVIEW: Watch a 10-minute Preview here... What's interesting about these videos is that has never worked with these dogs before, and several younger dogs have never been trained on ecollar. First, walks you through the basic obedience commands showing what proper form looks like. Next, shows how she introduces the ecollar to two of 's puppies, Jack Tilly, and shows you how to find the right STIM level to communicate with your dog. She then turns that into a lesson for your dog to recognize that STIM means pay attention to your handler and expands that into a basic recall. Additional segments include teaching RECALL, PLACE, SIT, and HEEL. Exclusively available at Gun Dog Supply. The SportDOG Field Trainer SD 425 is incredibly versatile training collar and a good choice for all-around use. The SportDOG FieldTrainer SD 425 is ideal for training the yard, field, or for hunting with close-working dogs. Both the transmitter and receiver are waterproof and submersible. The 425 can be expanded to control up to three dogs by adding SportDOG Brand Add-A-Dog collars. The comfortable soft coat transmitter finish makes this unit a pleasure to handle. The low continuous stimulation levels and gradual increases between levels on the SD-425 are particularly useful with sensitive dogs or breeds. You can customize your SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425 to match your training preference. It comes set up MODE-1 but it can easily be changed into 7 different modes with different button configurations. Measures 1 wide by 5 tall with antenna Transmitter MODES The SportDOG 425 gives you the option of customizing the transmitter to fit YOUR needs. It also allows you the option of changing the stimulation setup as your needs change or if you want different options different situations. Modes include Continuous and Momentary with Tone or Vibration. Two or Three Dog Mode features one button per dog with either Tone or Vibration You also have the option of Continuous and Momentary with Tone and the ability to activate deactivate the Locate Beeper Change MODES seconds by setting the transmitter dial to the mode you want. Next press the recessed button on the back of the transmitter. The transmitter light then flashes back the number of the mode you have selected. Modes can be changed as often as you like. Change them for different situations or training styles. Fits up to a 23 neck Collar MODES Another feature the 425 collar is the ability to change stimulation settings at the collar. The collar has a low and medium setting. This allows you the option of finding the correct range of stimulation for your dog. Lower the overall stimulation choices for more sensitive dogs and raise the levels for hard headed or stubborn ones. You can change the collar setting at any time. You can also have collars set up on different levels and work them from the same transmitter. This allows you the option of working sensitive and stubborn dogs from the same transmitter. SportDOG 729849136922 SD425 SportDOG SD425. We are THE home of commitment-based dog training Wake County, and the surrounding areas. At Said we focus on more then your typical obedience, group classes, our simple commands. Our professional dog trainer, Gentry teaches training programs that go much further than simple commands. 's clients say that Said is the Best Dog Training because of his programs attention to detail.. can help you solve a variety of pet behavioral issues. Some of the most common canine behavior problems he can help with include barking, chewing and jumping. Said 's Gentry is a professional dog trainer, who was was certified through Canine Trade Group, employs scientifically proven training techniques and follows a philosophy of providing a consistent and fair environment for your pet. We want to set your dog up for success to create a behaviorally balanced and happy pet. A good dog training program is built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. Our training is reward-based and your dog learns to do things for you because he wants to. Not only do we certify animals for AKC and therapy purposes, but we also rehabilitate behaviorally imbalanced dogs. Whether your pet is anxious, destructive, aggressive, hyperactive, leash pulling, excessively licking, excessively barking or showing any other kind of unwanted behaviors, Gentry can absolutely help. Said Dog Training is owner operated company based North You can read what clients think of us OR