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Pierdołom seans prostytutki ciche i spokojne kinowym dźwięk przy bohaterowie help sizing, view our video on Dominant Dog Collar Sizing. If you are questioning your measurement, please feel free to call our sales team and we can talk you through the process. What Happens When You 't Measure Correctly When dominant dog collars are properly fitted they stay place and not slip down the dog's neck. If the collar does not stay place, it not be as effective for training. It is very important that trainers understand that the proper fit not only ensure better training, but that it also helps keep the dog safe. The less movement the handlers arm the faster the trainer is going to be able to take the slack out of the collar, and the less likely the trainer is to cause the dog injury. Dominant dog collars are extremely durable. However, a dog can chew through it. This shouldn't happen if a dominant dog collar is fitted correctly, but if it has too much slack, or if a dog is left with it unattended, owners run the risk of the collar becoming damaged. Dogs chewing collars off their neck are not covered under warranty. Disclaimer If you are new to this product, it is important that you understand how we intend the product to be used. This collar should not be used to give a leash correction. It's not intended to be used the manner such as yank and crank, where dog trainers dogs around to give corrections. Doing that with this collar or with a metal choke collar damage the throat of your dog. Our dominant dog collar should only be used the way we explain here and how we demonstrate their use our DVDs. If you use the dominant dog collar the way we explain it is the best collar available to solve serious unwarranted aggression problems. However, if you use it to jerk your dog around to administer leash corrections, you could very easily injure your dog. Leerburg not be held responsible for any injuries that result from the improper use of dominant dog collars. I bought this as a back up collar for prong collar. It fits perfectly and isn't overly noticeable against dog's dark fur. I'll certainly be buying this for other dog. on I use it for want to make sure I fit it right and I this collar on I have a shepherd that constantly pulls and tries to lunge for cats and this collar has put her her place when we go for a walk. She always walks beside me and I 't give her slack to avoid injury if she lunges. Gradual upward pressure is all that I need for a correction. Often she try to pull and she'll self correct from her own pressure. You hear your dog gulp and huff a bit and then their pace quickly adjusts to yours. wife can also handle the dog now with this collar. I 't have time to deal with a prong collar because I'm always a rush and this collar is a great substitute. The only time I 't use it is when I take dog out to go potty with the flexi leash. dog wears the comfort collar for the flexi leash to avoid injury if she darts out. Great product, I highly recommend it as as you understand that corrections are with gradual pressure and not a tug. on Recently purchased one of these collars to try out, and possibly add to training programs. I received it today, and have used it on dog, and I must say the subtle correction and ease of use is phenomenal! I be buying more of these the future to add to training programs. I honestly feel this gives a better correction than prong collar. Absolutely amazing, and gratifying! Thank you Leerburg, and Frawley!