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Realiów stąd spora tych iskierek inwencji jest to jedność osobnej training is available to parts of Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset counties: Princeton, Somerset, New Brunswick, Hillsborough, Highland Park, South Brunswick, Park, Bridgewater, Skillman, Raritan, Hill, West Windsor, Manville, Kingston, Somerville, Bound North Brunswick, Plainsboro, Hopewell, Middlesex, East Brunswick, Branchburg, Piscataway, Monroe Township and Lawrenceville Limited availability and extra travel fees apply. Is walking your dog stressful and Do you your dog dearly but he listened to you when he is off lead? Do you feel jealous when you see other dog owners with really well behaved dogs? Then you need expert dog trainer and best selling author Dom Hodgson's 'Worry Free Walks' dog training course! This simple to follow course is perfect for pet dog owners who their dogs but they have no control of them at the dog park. It is packed with easy to understand and actionable dog training tips that transform your daily walks from arm jerking stress fests to calm and enjoyable experience for you AND your dog. Course details this course you discover: How to survive a trip to the dog park. Never again you be worried about your dog running away to find something more interesting than you. The key to a successful trip to the dog park is the How to get your dog's attention laser locked onto you using food and toys. If you want your dog to follow you around the park then you need to be more interesting to him, Dom makes that very easy for you to do. How to stop your dog running off to find fun elsewhere by playing a searching game! Wouldn't it be nice if your dog wanted to find and be near you instead of going off to find fun somewhere Well with this searching game you can do that! How to safely exercise multiple dogs at the park. Dom shares the dog walking secrets to playing with two dogs off lead at the park. How keep your dog safe and near you by playing two toys. Two toys is awesome game that teaches your dog a retrieve, wears him out quickly and enables you to exercise him and keep him the small area of the park you want to play How to turn the dog park into a calm haven you actually want to go with your dog. As well a playing I show you some less strenuous activities you can do with your dog that keep him calm and relaxed. can be calm and relaxed too. This course lays out the very same Canine fulfilment formula that Dom uses every day his dog adventure business, Pack Leader Dog Adventures. Now you can exercise your dog like a pro! Who this course is for? This course is perfect for beginner pet dog owners and also do walkers who want to learn how to better control the dogs they exercise. No previous dog training experiences is required. We all got a dog we could enjoy relaxing walks at the park, beach and woods, but for owners walking their dog is the most stressful part of their day. The dog is constantly pulling on the lead on the way to park and once they get there they usually want to run away as soon as they are allowed off lead. But it doesn't need to be this way. You can learn how to get much greater control of your dog, on and off lead by playing with him more often. Once you discover the power of play your dog walks become worry free! This is what course tutor and expert dog trainer Dom Hodgson teaches his bestselling book 'How to Be Your Dog's Superhero' and it's what lies ahead of you the 'Worry Free Dog Walks' course. Why did Captain fail to reach the Antarctic and Roald Admussen not only beat him to it but survived the return journey? It's down to better preparation. And you need to be well prepared if you want to survive a trip to the dog park AND have fun with your dog while you are there. this module Dom shows you how to prepare for a dog walk,