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Tym celu parterze akcje widzowie zwrócą swoje usilnie próbuje scalić explaining to him that that's how they do pants, but says no, that is definitely how they do pants. It looks like 's been violated by his tailor for the past twelve years… Chandler: 's tailor… took advantage of me. What? No way. I've been going to the for 12 years. Chandler: Oh, come on. He said he was going to do inseam, and then he ran his hand up leg, and then there was definite… cupping. That's how they do pants! First they go up one side, they move it over, then they go up the other side, they move it back, and then they do the rear. What? would you tell him? Isn't that how a tailor measure pants? Yes. Yes, it is… prison! What's the matter with you? A lot of sitcoms kind of milked the Prison Rape joke. episode of and are being audited, and when realizes that has made a huge and potentially illegal mess of their finances, after mentions they could go to jail, says, Good, I want you to go to jail. And I you get a big, bald cellmate called Bubba who needs a girlfriend!! Later, after goes through her typical dating nightmare, she mutters under her breath, I he ends up Attica with a cellmate who finds him attractive. A sketch on had two men going to a bar out the country to pick up women. It turns out to be a bar. One of the men starts to get groped by a large, hairy and immediately starts recalling his boyhood scout leader's instructions for dealing with a bear. He tries to implement these steps against the coming onto him, but to no avail. He finally just chooses to play dead once he's been dragged back to the 's apartment. The next day on the ride home, his friend asks him how his night was, but he refuses to talk about it. the last of develops the power to remove other people's powers by having with them. Every time it's a woman being de-powered it's voluntary, but every time it's a it's a rape played for comedy. the final episode he rapes the flying without hesitation, but when attacked by a woman with powers he just threatens to kill her. Heavily implied 1. While visiting the dentist, experiences anesthesia-induced hallucination where he has a banana placed into his mouth and, when he suddenly awakens from the said hallucination, Possibly a reference to Real Life anesthetics that can cause vivid dreams, which have led to similar accusations and are a big reason why no one is allowed to be a room alone with anesthetized patient without a witness to verify their good behavior. Subverted episode of A soldier suffering from PTSD tries to commit suicide, later revealing to that he was raped by his commanding officer. His wife is upset, and even says that he let it happen, but the doctors treat it seriously and convince her that's not the case. Implied at the end of episode of when punches his Bad Boss the face, which leads to the latter's wife finding out he'd been cheating on her, his girlfriend finding out he was married to someone the whole time his wife kicking him out of the house and finding money he stole from the fast-food restaurant he managed while giving him a Defenestrate and Berate routine, and finally him going to Prison. He had a collection of World's Best mugs, and when he's prison he's drinking coffee out of a tin mug with the words World's Best Bottom scrawled on it marker, while his cellmate looks on. It overlaps with Karmic Rape. One episode of sees a personal trainer as possibly connected to criminal activity, but he refuses to cooperate. Danny sends a Scary Black into the room where the suspect is waiting, and the larger starts talking about how the trainer is going to be his date for the evening. The panicked trainer immediately starts talking… at which point Danny reveals that the supposed criminal is a fellow cop who's married! To a woman! Isn't that funny? Sublime 's Date Rape. The first half of the details the titular male-on-female act, and the second half, the rapist is caught and sent to prison with predictable results. Some listeners claim the second half is noticeably lighter tone than the first, while others think it doesn't really sound any different than the first. When You're Prison