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Dla nich przygotowali jungowska chce poprowadzić kwestii przemijania ale prostu straight. Eve I have a dog that helps me at home. She is not yet a service dog but I am working with doctor and family to get her certified There are people who have fake service dogs, but technically, I have a service dog too. She not be able to go to the supermarket with me but when I'm at home or taking a walk, I bring her with me. I think people should worry less about if the dog is actually certified, and instead, worry about if that dog is helping that person live a better life. I have a disability that people can't and I 't why someone would even consider dog to be a service dog, yet she helps me get through day. If I decided to use a vest, I wouldn't be using a fake service dog. The says that if you have a disability and your dog is trained to do a specific task and behaves public situations That dog can be a service dog. There is no special training required. As as dog helps me live a better life under the I have a legal service dog. I certify dog anyway because I want some papers for any complications at work but thats it!!! for all of you people that are overreacting… STOP. Deanna Nace A member of the condo board that Santino said pressured him to euthanize his pit-bull a decision that drove him to suicide says the condo board is NOT responsible for his death. Board member Fireman says she is sorry that Santino is dead, but says it has nothing to do with the building's no-pet policy. She tells the NY Post, You just assumed that was a result of a board's decision. Fireman did concede Santino routinely complained about the building's anti-dog policies. Santino's sister tells the paper the family is holding off on funeral arrangements until the dead dog's ashes are brought home saying, They'll be buried together. Santino had his beloved and healthy pit-bull put to sleep on Tuesday, Santino's 47th birthday. A few hours later, he overdosed on pills. Rita Powell 2005 I had a fusion at C5, C6 C7. The cadaver bone graft I received was not FDA approved and you read a true story that sounds like it came from a Stephen novel. I'm a receiver of this bone graft where bodies sat out decomposing up to 54 hours, there was no refrigeration and there was not a surgical suite. I now have Cervical Dystonia and American Staffordshire Terrier is best friend the whole world and loves everyone. was tramutized as a puppy from being attacked by another dog and I bonded with her instantly when i found out she had anxiety too. Both of dogs work as a unit and help me emotionally and psychologically cope with panic attacks and anxiety due to trauma. I get seperation anxiety when I'm away from them and they calm me down. I had to ship them cargo on airplane because I didn't have airline approved doctor letter Even though husband was with me on the plane, I was jittery and panicky the whole ime. The entire 5 hour flight, I wanted to jump out of skin and cry. I didn't calm down until I saw them bring into the baggage claim area her kennel, I got her out and just hugged her. I do not expect all establishments to be as kind and accepting as that one store and I know I have no legal right to it. be taking her Good Citizens test and a therapy dog test I can take her to volunteer at local hospital we can get out more. I'll be focusing on PTSD specific training for she can be more helpful to soldier husband and myself. I have always utilized pets to balance thoughts, ever since I was a child. Without the Emotional Support dog and horse supplied me as a severely abused child, I doubt I'd be here typing right now. Recently I have developed severe and crippling panic attacks and anxiety disorder. I begin taking chihuahua with me where ever I go. Just holding her and seeing how attentive she is calms me down. Even when I'm having a panic attack, she helps me through them much quicker and she is never afraid even when I'm crying or speaking loudly. To say this invaluable animals are