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Się tylko jedna jacquesa chiraca nic postanowił pokazać filmowy muzykę reports of hearing a baby cry and doors slamming. Elementary sounds of footsteps following you, but when you turn around there is no one there, doors opening and closing on their own, then sometimes you'll hear a baby crying and different shadows. Platoro The Skyline Lodge­ built 1945 the mining town of Platoro, Colorado. The Lodge is a 3story log wood building and contains a general store, a restaurant, a game room, and guest employee rooms. It stands at 10ft. elevation a valley of the San Jaun Mountain Range Southern Colorado. There is much history at the lodge and the Platoro area general. Platoro was founded the early 1880's to provide housing, food and even a post office for local gold silver miners. One of the ghosts that haunt the area lodge is believed to be 'Little was a 16yr. old prostitute that was shot by the wife of a local miner. Her grave is unmarked concrete slab that's a field about 150yrds from the lodge.­ Another 'Spirit' is believed to be Henry, the ghost of a that passed away inside the main lodge after suffering a heart attack while hunting. Some of the mysterious things that happen are; Shadowspassing by behind people when they're alone. Bowls, silverware, plates getting thrown off counters and shelves. Doors opening shutting, even locking on there own. Numerous cold spots that are almost always there. The sound of furniture being dragged across upper floors when no one's around. Things missing and turning up strange locations, and fires the main lobby fireplace starting stopping on there own. Poncha Springs Mears Junction Along the old Chile Line abandoned and Rio Grande Railroad, above Mears Junction used to be a water tank where trains would stop to replenish water for their boilers they could make it over Poncha Pass. The story goes that one time the fall of 1894, when the train stopped, a small child named Annabell got off the train to walk the woods awhile with her brother. When the train started up she was no where to be found. Her parents and brother got off the train to look for the girl. They stayed for days, and even with the help of the County Sheriff and local ranchers on horseback, she was never found. On several occasions during the while the train was still running, engineers and conductors have thought that they saw a small child playing the woods. later years on occasions, boy scouts and scout leaders camping the area during the fall have heard a small voice singing the dense aspen groves directly to the east of the old abandoned railroad bed. Poncha Springs Near top of Poncha Pass On a small tract of land, owned by the Boy Scouts for their Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base, is old dugout cabin, near a small gold mine, surrounded by old corral. adults and scouts have reported on various occasions hearing moaning and low muttering sounds coming directly from the dugout late at night. The story is that De Anza buried some gold at this site on his way down into Poncha Springs the 1600's. An old miner found the stash of Spanish gold pieces while mining the area. They found him dead, locked and sealed up his little dugout, supposedly scared to death, with no on him! He had reported on his previous trips into town that he was continually being alarmed by lights and hearing loud Speaking voices which told him to leave the gold and leave the area....or die! The cabin, the mine and some of the corral are still there. Poncha Springs Poncha Pass A civil war haunting is present just off the highway on the north side of the pass on a big curve, where according to Union Army records, a small contingent of troops encountered a renegade bunch of Southern soldiers running from a posse of mounted volunteers. It