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A 1957 powieści josepha thriller który łączy twardziela wie kiedy dog we have. I adopted a dobey, pitbull and shepherd mix back She is now a little over a year old. She has of the doberman qualities but the biggest quality to stand out is that she gets bored easily. This makes her super destructive. she has gone through carpet, shoes, clothes, anything. I dont know what do now. These habits need to stop. do not let the dog have control of the house. Buy her some bones from merick to chew on–get her a kong toy and stuff it with peanut butter–I keep one always the freezer. These do the trick. Never leave anything down that smells of you –they devour it. Hello I had question on a 2 years old doberman I'm going to adopt a 2 year old doberman and I'm wondering the dog get use to me and daughter I have a 3 month old dobe and I'm just wondering if he adapt to us. I need help!? Dear Estefeny, dobs are highly intelligent but also aggressive breeds. They are calm and obedient with their owners if attention was given to eat. Unless the dob you are about to adopt is trained being obedient, it is a good job adopting it. If not, then you have a task because the 3 month old learn all behaviour of its kind from the dob you want to adopt. Stay safe. And good job on thinking of adopting speechless creatures 🙂 Hi why are you telling people that dobermans are aggressive breed do you really need to feed into the media stereotype make matters worse?! You are telling people to train their dogs, why if they are aggressive would you bother. It's the deed not the breed! Statistically a dashund is more likely to bite you than any other breed all dogs have teeth anything with teeth can bite. I find it disappointing that anyone would lable all dogs of a certain breed to be the same. It's like dog racism! Hello I need your help please, I have a 8 month old Doberman she is a sweet heart and she was with me since she was 3 weeks old and she grew up with retriever and became bestfriends, thought yesterday at a point Doberman Attacked the retriever and Ina very brutal way there was blood all over from the nose and ears I 't how I took the Doberman off her and she still wanted to go back for more until I locked her up her room away from her it was a very random behavior I have never seen her before family thinks she's dangerous snd might flip on me or anyone as well.. What do you think I should do please help Dear as far as the matter of obedience is concerned it has to be perfect that the dog should be able to understand each and every sign and words you tell it. When you are training it for being obedient, offer some of its fav biscuits when it does what you say. By this greediness the dob definitely be obedient when you want it to be. Good luck 🙂 I have a 3 month old Dobe and she used to be great at doing outside to and poop. Recently we have noticed that she hold the poop until we are inside the house and then the minute we look away she poops the house. We have tried going to longer walks, but she has managed to hold it. We have also tried showing her the poop at home and saying no and ignore her for a couple of minutes to show she has done something wrong, but she keeps on doing it. We also tried washing the floors with vinegar to get rid of any smell, but its not like she poops on the same spot always… any suggestions?? thanks, Mirialys Hi, I've a 3 months old doberman puppy. He likes to bite shoes, socks or whatever he saw on the floor. Can you advise me ways to stop him from biting?