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Dostrzeże mapie czy batmana być może się choć szczęście też AAS, I was told that you might be able to provide financial help to feed about 40 horses near Lytton BC. The horses are groups spread over a 20 mile stretch, but they have come together a bit more since I started feeding them regularly, which is good as I think they are burning less energy with less wandering up and down the roadways. From the Coast Reporter: AAS comment: The horrible irony is that the SPCA killed Rocko, claiming he was dangerous, without doing the surgery. Rocko bit someone. Could that be because he was the terrible pain the SPCA said he was when begging for money from trusting donors? This is very far from the first time the SPCA has used a poster dog or cat to extract donations and then killed the poster cat or dog. Animal Advocates got email about a chained dog that is sadly, still common. It was originally sent to the SPCA, but when nothing improved for the dog it was sent to AAS. As you read Hap's story keep mind that the SPCA is the pound this place, and since it does not do home-checks before or even after its adoptions, Hap's abuser might have purchased him from the SPCA. Just a short time ago was dying, all alone a box the dark and the freezing cold. Now, she's as alive as any dog could be. She has a family to romp and play with every day. She sleeps a warm bed every night... TO THOSE REGISTERING FOR MEMBERSHIP ON UJ. To the Guests who have decided to register for Membership. PLEASE read Terms of Service, not just checking it off. This is covered there: Add more info than just hunting or Upland hunting or birds or outdoors or similar nebulous terms the required INTERESTS field. Despite this Boards strong spam filtering function, some Spam registrations do sneak through. I need inkling that you are a human being not a Spam Bot tagging onto key words. Also please do not use a business name as your User Name. Thank you. I think these are positive changes and something the DNR has been talking about for some time. It make it much easier to train on private land. From the WI DNR website: Training dogs for bird hunting is a popular activity throughout Wisconsin, and improved licensing process coupled with new public lands open for dog training make it easier than ever to prepare your dogs for hunting season. As authorized by state code, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources allows trainers to train bird hunting dogs on state properties. However, a bird dog training license is required for dog training on state and private lands whenever captive wild birds are used. An updated licensing process allow a bird dog trainer to train a dog on any designated dog training grounds within state properties or on private property with landowner permission. Previously, trainers were required to obtain individual permits for each property on which they wished to train their dogs. The new application process begin 15. Applicants can complete application online, deliver a completed form to the nearest Department Service Center or send application via mail to receive approval and the appropriate leg bands. A licensed bird dog trainer possess and use the following live captive-bred species for dog training purposes: gray partridge; chukar; red-legged partridge; mallard duck ring-necked pheasant; Reeves pheasant; and bobwhite quail and other species of the subfamily odontophorinae. The department currently maintains six Class 1 Dog Training Grounds and 50 Class 2 Dog Training Grounds. Class 1 dog training grounds allow bird dog training year-round, and are posted, marked or designated as department lands, while Class 2 grounds include department lands approved for training, but not identified code. The department is the process of establishing additional Class 2 dog training grounds