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Hrithika nigdy zaczynają używać nawias teatralności gwiazdy muzyki pop wspomnienia same thing the military does security, training, humanitarian aid and jogging time to singsong rhymes. Getty And buying wicked cars for their phat cribs. The problem, though, is oversight. Normally, the military is accountable to the government; the minute a screws up, a whole can of procedural hell is opened up. Not with private security companies, which was why when Blackwater contractors killed 17 unarmed civilians 2007, no one was quite sure what to do about it. And why when a former employee was accused of murder, Blackwater founder said all they could do was fire him. And probably why the same accused murderer was free and available for other private contractors to get him armed and back the Middle East within of the incident. Not only are the repercussions of dirty dealings murky for private contractors, but also for a while there the guys were pretty much immune from Iraqi law. The fact that private security companies have to start playing by some vague rules that aren't exactly spelled out is the good news. The bad news is that once official troops finally start getting out of Iraq, the number of private contractors is expected to triple. Getty I've got idea, guys why 't we just pay them by the war crime? The idea behind privatizing things that used to be run by the government is that private companies tend to do jobs more efficiently. Walmart gets you through the checkout line way faster than the DMV gets you a new license. when privately run prisons started popping up, it seemed to make sense; if a corporation can guard, house and feed prisoners more efficiently than the government, why not let them? It save everybody money and if it makes life harder on a bunch of criminals, who gives a shit, right? Wait, it doesn't cost anything to set those chains on fire, right? Well, here's the thing As a society, you kind of want there to be fewer prisoners. Prison is about the most expensive possible way to deal with a person who is doing something you 't like. But if you're a company getting paid by the prisoner, well, you want the opposite. remember Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigrant law, which required immigrants over the age of 14 to their papers at all times? And how getting caught without proper documentation would get them up to 20 days jail on the first offense? Actually, illegal immigrants are probably relieved about the 20-day thing, since the first version of the law allowed for up to Getty And they have to share a cell with Rod Blagojevich's hair. we're not interested debating immigration policy or border safety. But chew on the first draft of that law for a second. Six months jail, when it costs somewhere the neighborhood of $62 a day to house inmate, and when Arizona claims to have somewhere the neighborhood of 460 illegal immigrants. was going to have to house a whole bunch of unNorth American Americans. Getty Can we just stick them some slums and harass them when they try to leave? Has anyone thought of that yet? It's a good thing a for-profit prison company had a plan! They didn't just have a plan, they were the driving force behind the law itself. According to this investigation, the Corrections Corporation of America, a publicly traded billion-dollar company that imprisons people for profit, helped draft SB 1070 because immigrant detention is their next big market. They added, We're also considering fucking up some babies. Before the was ever introduced to legislators, before you or anyone Arizona heard of it, a group of businessmen and interest groups wrote it, named it and voted on at the Grand Hyatt hotel Washington, D.C. not even Arizona. And 't think that just because the CCA had a heavy hand writing the that they nobly recused themselves from campaign donations or lobbying legislators, because of course they didn't. Even better, a solid year before the passed, representatives from the company started pitching a prison to house illegal women and children, since women and children are clearly Arizona's number one perpetrators of mayhem. Getty Oh yeah. That kid means trouble. What's wrong with prisons that make a little money? Nothing, except for two small things. One is that private prisons are pretty at their jobs. One private prison has been accused of using beatings as a behavior management tool. At another facility, immigrant was left for 13 hours solitary confinement after suffering some sort of mysterious injury. He died not after, and family and friends are still the dark about what happened to him the first place. Unfortunately, we'll never know. Let's say you're investigative reporter. And for shits and giggles, let's say you work for Fox News. let's