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Udział realizacji mam szczerą pierwszy plan wysuwa przeponę ćwiczy scenariusze picture of what we're doing and how it all fits together. praised Glickman for his ability to figure out a way to take national and international stories and to localize them. One of the challenges for us is to do things that are very distinctive for our program and skill set, while being mindful of what fits with the totality of KPCC. How we sound over the course of the entire day is what's most important to the listener. People tune into a particular station because they know what they are going to get. They're looking for consistency and reliability. We 't want KPCC to sound like different stations throughout the day, but the station does want its hosts to be distinct. KPCC is constantly trying to meet the expectations of the listener. emphasized that they are mission-driven and that affects everything they do. Of course, we want to have the highest ratings we can because that's a strong measure of how well we're serving the audience, and we need to raise money to operate this station. We have to be grounded that reality and at the same time operate as a non-profit. Our reason for existing is to serve the community and to find ways to do that where other broadcasters are not. We want to fill the audience drive for serious, -depth, news and issues coverage that they can't find elsewhere. This gives us a lot of opportunities. At the same time it is very challenging because when we look at a story that has been beaten to death, we have to ask if there's a better way to get at it. We also have the luxury of significant air time, if we think a topic is worth it, but we 't want to rehash what people have been seeing on cable news. With healthcare on everyone's mind, I wondered how his listeners came down on the subject. Our listeners, by definition, are really interested public policy, with healthcare, there's been tremendous interest. Opinions are all over the place. Some are very disappointed and they wanted a much more robust plan. Others feel that it's over-reaching. I job as bringing together all these different points of view the listener can hear the strongest possible perspectives, then come away with informed opinion. addressed the issue of NPR station being left-leaning or politically liberal editorials and subject matter. I'm disappointed that would be the perception for KPCC. Public radio did begin as community and college broadcasting, with activist and educational roots. I think that established the early-on reputation of public radio as being the bastion of the left. As public radio has grown, and the size of the audience has grown, it's by no means ideologically based. It is much more diversified. The fact that I'm on opposite Rush Limbaugh does mean that conservative listeners are going to be listening to him. There is no program on the left of comparable size to Limbaugh's, it really does affect the pool of listeners available. However, I think it would be a real disservice to say we are going to serve those listeners who 't like Rush Limbaugh. We 't want to limit ourselves any way. said he is not advocate for any political point of view. I 't come out of activism. I come out of radio. I've loved radio since I was a kid going to Hollywood High School. Mantle originally wanted to be a minister. all of his environments he has loved taking both sides of a subject. He was active school debates. I 't want to convince anyone of a particular point of view. Our program is a place for exploring ideas from all perspectives, that our listeners get exposed to the strongest arguments from all points of view. 's pd, said: As for I'd just say that his longevity and popularity is born of three things: his for Los his genuine and insatiable curiosity, and his great respect for our audience. That, and the fact that he occasionally bribes me for extra vacation time with Cuban cigars. Hosting AirTalk is the best job the world. I get to talk with literally the most interesting people the world. KNAC, 1991; KQLZ, 1991; KLOS, 1993. is apd and night jock at KHKK 104 The Hawk Modesto., KVFM, 1969; KIEV, 1970; KBBQ, 1970. is a partner EditPros, a marketing and communications firm California., KIBB, 1996. Nicci Ross., KWNK, 1987. has been practicing law for 18 years and since 1997 has served as a California workers' compensation judge. is the radio play by play voice of women's basketball and calls the action for baseball on the Internet the He also hosts BruinTalk on local cable television., KKBT, 1993. Unknown., KIQQ, 1984. Unknown., KMPC, 1962; KLAC, 1967; KMET, 1970; KGBS, 1973. Unknown., KIQQ KLIT, 1981; KQLZ, 1989. is affiliate relations director at Westwood One., KWIZ, 1977; KEZY, 1979; KUTE, 1982; KRTH, 1982; KOST, 1982; KYMS, 1993. is living Huntington Beach., KMGX, 1990; KMAX, 1995. Unknown., Radene: Since 1997, Radene has been one of Southern California's airborne traffic reporters., Lina: KLVE, 1975. Unknown., KABC, 2001. left the morning show at KABC February 2009.