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5 mimo okazują się jedynie przysłużyła się obsada zbytnia sceniczność 6170 pilot gave order for crew to bail out after they were hit by over Misburg, but the pilot and copilot elected to try and fly the plane back to England, which they did. Remaining 9 crew POW. Plnae returned to USA July 1945. Presumably scrapped. 40093 interned Sweden Jun 21. MACR 6164 40097 to USN as PB4Y-1 32324 shot down by flak Aug 24 during mission against Focke-Wulf factor at Hannover-Langenhagen, Germany. MACR 8273. Plane crashed about 3 NM NE of Peine open field All crew bailed out, but one was shot by a farmer and two by officers. All others POW. 40099 shot down by Me 262s of JG 7 and exploded during mission to Buchen Mar 25, wreckage fell to earth at Schneverdingen. MACR 13547 1 POW. 40101 declared war weary after only 20 combat missions and became group formation assembly ship, replacing 44 40102 interned Switzerland 27. MACR 5209. Flown by Swiss crew from to Payerne Oct 7 where it remained for the rest of the war. Returned Oct 1. 40103 interned Sweden on Politz mission Jun 20. MACR 7072 shot down Apr 24 over Kortrijk, Belgium. MACR 4292 interned Sweden on Politz mission Jun 20. MACR 7073 shot down over Sassey, Jun 10 during raid on Evreaux. 6 4 POW. MACR 5630 also listed as being damaged Oct 1944 after 20 missions, not repaired until Dec. After repairs declared unfit to fly combat and used as 491st assembly ship. 40108 lost Nov 26, Germany. MACR 11155 lost Feb 14, Holland. One 8 POW. MACR 12340 lost Jul 7 on Bernburg mission. MACR 7229 11 POW 40112 hit by Flak over Politz, the whole crew bailed except for the pilot who reached Sweden and bailed out, the plane crazshed into a mountain. Pilot interned Sweden Jun 20. MACR 7074 2 POW, 1 interned. 40113 Gamblin' Lady originally for 492nd BG, 857th BS, Aug 1944 transferred to 93rd BG, 329th BS. 1945 converted to Pathfinder and transferred to 490th BS. Returned to USA 1945 lost 29 on Politz mission. MACR 5222 9 POW. 40116 Tobasco Keeds originally for 492nd BG, 856th BS, transferred Aug 1944 to 93rd BG, 409th BS. Returned to USA 1945 lost Nov 26. MACR 11156 We'll Get By originally for 492nd BG, 857th BS, 1944 transferred to 458th BG, 752nd BS. Oct 1944 reassigned to 753rd BS. Mar 4, as group was getting ready for a mission, a waist gunner on 42 accidentally fired a few rounds from his gun. The bullets hit 40118, causing its gas tank and incendiary bombs to ignite. The explosion caused damage to 9 other planes, but no serious casualties were sustained. Salvaged 14. 40119 Night Knight originally for 492nd BG, 858th BS, Jun 20 reassigned to 856th BS, Aug 1944 transferrred to 93rd BG, 329th BS. Returned to USA 1945 That's All Brother originally for 492nd BG, 859th BS, Aug 1944 transferred to 467th BG, 788th BS. Returned to USA 1945 Herk's Jerks originally to 492nd BG, 858th BS. Jun 20 reassigned to 856th BS, Jun 28, reassigned to 857th BS. Aug 1944 transferred to 389th BG. 40126 Spitten Kitten orignally to 492nd BG, 858th BS, 1944 transferred to 458th BG, 754th BS, renamed Sky Tramp. 40128 lost Jun 20 near Rugen Island. MACR 7075 40129 lost Jun 25. MACR 6722 forced to land at Ghedi airfield by Luftwaffe fighters Jul 12 after being damaged by on mission to Munich and trying to make it back to Allied-occupied Italy. 1 10 POW. Luftwaffe pilot Ewald Schummer of 5 JG 77 credited with forcing down the plane. On July 14, aircraft was destroyed on the by P-38s of the 82nd FG. MACR 7563 originally with 492nd BG, 859th BS, Transferred Aug 1944 to 467th BG, 789th BS. Reassigned to 791st BS. Returned to USA 1945 lost Jul 7. MACR 7230 4 POW 40133 lost 19 near Brunswick, Germany. MACR 5245 3 POW. 40134 originally to 492nd BG, 856th BS, 1944 transferred to 458th BG, 753rd BS. Modified as AZON plane Salvaged Mar 2. 40135 originally with 492nd BG, 858th BS, reassigned to 859th BS Jun 20, reassigned to 856th BS Jun 23. Lost Aug 4, North Sea. MACR 7714 POW. 40136 interned Sweden Jun 20 on Politz mission. MACR 7076 POW, 11 interned Sweden. 40137 suffered collision 21 with 44 while the latter was taxying. 40137 never flew again, and was salvaged Jul 10 40139 while returning from night training mission landed by mistake at Snetterton fighter base 30 and overran the end of runway. Aircraft was totaled and salvaged. 40140 Alice originally with 492nd BG, 857th BS, Aug 1944 transferred to the 467th