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Znika ekranu wie jak nie wypełniłby dystrybutor czarów london świętego suffer this way. At the vet, his CREAT was 5. Desperate, I searched online for something to help and found this site. We began daily fluid injections around the same time I received your Kidney Package One and promptly started him on the herbal drops and greens. Only one week later, his CREAT went down to 5. I knew the diet was starting to help but didn't want to get hopes too high. He only got better. After three weeks, he was night and day, his energy back full force, all his symptoms fading away. We got another blood test. His CREAT dropped to 3. We even stopped the fluid injections and he continues to do great, just like is old self. After finishing our second 3-week cycle, we continue using the greens and the Fall herbal drop cleansings as recommended. Our vet was thrilled and couldn't believe the turnaround! I'll never forget the look of amazement and excitement on his face. He even asked for your information he can refer other patients! We've already recommended you to our friends too. Your products are the real deal!! We feel like we've given Buzz a new lease on life and no one can believe how good he's doing now. Thank you for giving us more time with our best friend. Bourn Van Nuys, CA Buzz' Veterinarian: Dr. Michael Pitt Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Michael Pitt recommends or endorses our products. 03 2015 came to wife and I from a lovely breeder at Cowra, a country town mid-Western New South Wales Australia. We picked her up at the age of 7 weeks and she came home with us to Kiama, on the South Coast of N.S.W. She settled with us and our other Sheltie and exciting sable-merle boy. being wifes' pup, was trained by herself, growing up our household all meant obedience training, agility training and lots of activity. As time went on, was trialling both disciplines. She obtained quite a high level of titles both disciplines, also gaining several places at the Show agility. As years went on, retired from competition at the age of about 12 years. Last year at the age of 16, she had injury. After 2 weeks, the antibiotics were changed; with the warning from the Veterinarian if stopped eating, started vomiting, got lethargic, we were advised to consult a Veterinarian immediately. She had been on this antibiotic for approximately 1 week. Of all things, when she had the reaction, we were at Bathurst, a mid-Western N.S.W. town here Australia, at agility trial. I immediately contacted a Veterinarian I knew. He asked me to immediately meet him at his surgery, even though it was a Saturday night. She was given injection to stop the vomiting and settle her down. I took her back to caravan at the Trial site, with instruction to phone the vet first thing the morning if she was not better. This ended up being the case, and this most helpful Vet then put her on a drip for the day, telling me to go back to the Trial and pick her up when the Trial finished. I was on way home, some 180 away. When we arrived home our own Vet put her on a drip again and did blood tests, which indicated kidney deterioration. After 4 days of treatment, nothing had improved very much. We persevered for 2 more days with a sebaceous drip via her side. After another blood test came back with very bad results, I then thought might have to be put to sleep. The Vets had told me they were unable to do any more productive treatment. I asked to have some time to consider things and went home and got onto the internet. I found 's Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy, with some good recommendations. I immediately made contact via the website and ordered the program. It arrived Australia 2 days! started the program straight away and within 3 days had started to eat on her own again. Considering she had not eaten on her own for approx. 12 days, her weight had gone down to 6 kilograms. Once she started eating, she has not stopped since being on the program Her weight has gone back up to 8 kilograms and her blood test came back to normal. She has been a Pet Therapy Dog for the last 7 years. She visits local Dementia Care Facilities and interacts with all the patients. She has only missed about 6 weeks due to her kidneys. still at her age, loves visiting, always waits at the door to get her bandana put on and then finds someone looking a bit down and cheers them up. is now 17 years and back to life. Our Vets have been very helpful and supportive all the way through this very hard time. now walks about 200 yards on the beach and is having 1 treatment of drops and 1 hydro session per day plus the diet. I am forever grateful to for her program. Forever grateful, Kiama N.S.W. Australia P.S. chased a Kelpie dog the other night at agility training; it was chasing a ball and she didn't catch it but enjoyed the chase! She came back smiling and tail wagging. By the way, had 3 pups who