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Ciasne płaskie uśmiechu sugerującym obsadę której, 1973 roku wraz swoim from the 50's and 60's… Its not that they 't look cool. Its that anyone who knows what they are looking at is now disillusioned by the actual poor quality out modded handgun training our war fighters are receiving. Our guys are supposed to be the best and get the best, and then you this garbage…. Ya lets comb the entire division for the best pistol shooters for 2 hours of familiarzation fire. Or when theyre issued you go to the range and have your best guys each company instruct and critique when they actually own the range for extended period of time… You ask Bravos for help when they have time and resources to teach, IE company ranges when they have ammo to work with and not when there's 5 camera crews looking at your every move. this range also came on the calendar under 4 weeks which doesn't give a lot of time to incorporate other units and give them time to come up with a training plan Might be a cultural thing that would convince those dudes to not even try I guess. You just listed a lot of excuses that deal with telling yourself it’s impossible. I would suggest letting someone tell you that. I was 5th Group for most of twenties and all of thirties. 101st can simply pick up the phone and dial 2 or 3 numbers at the most before finding a team dude willing to meet them hour before that range Untrained people just have to GAF. Ya there's now 46 a company a metric ton more. Before there were maybe 10 M9s or at any given time. Overall new guns are great, accuracy is on point, shoots a little low and the safety takes one full hand to activate I want tp take the top cover off and if its drilled for RDS, you can the black piece covering the milling on the slide. Also the front sight is where you can make adjustments. The rear is locked Triggers great, but where they really did a good job is the holsters. Its a 3 piece set that lets you from the belt, half drop, and full drop leg. Well how they hold up the rum You are not telling the entire story. 2014, they were teaching the Weaver Grip and what we call the Palm Supported That is also the training materials. some of the shooters shown ARE using grips that have been taught…most of them I am sure went through initial training prior to 2017. FM Here is part of the problem that outsiders or persons without some time the system not understand. TCs are not Doctrine but proposed ways to achieve doctine and often attempt to update Army Doctrine but per the Army’s order on Doctrine is still not Doctrine. if there is a divergence from a TC and the FM,which is the big Army approved way to do things, the FM takes precedence. You should be upset at Big Army more than anything. Big Army often uses Doctrine as cudgel to beat troops about the head if they veer from it. When I was instructor Doctrine writers I saw it at all Training Centers when I went out to observe training rotations, that right or wrong you better have a doctrinal bases for what you were doing or you got lit up. if the trainer has FM saying this is the way to do something he often knows better than to deviate from it. I'm a US Navy veteran: USS Ranger CVA-61 circa 1969. boot camp at Great Lakes, Michigan I was trained on the 45 Automatic. That training consisted of a ten minute talk by a First Class and NO firing; he fired seven rounds while we watched. That was it. And since rating was later to be Machinist Mate, I guess they figured some of us just didn't need a whole lot of trigger time with anything. Come to think of it, that was true for whole company. Didn't seem like time well spent to train some people I guess. And the really strange thing is it worked out to be true. I spent a LOT of time Main Machinery Room 3