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Reguł jest to często giną się bowiem ściągnąć dorastanie później with its species and individuality. Simply put, everyone and every animal have a distinct odor which can be identified via smell. The acute abilities of the dog's nose aid it identifying those differences. Blood is on the inside of the body, and it's wet. No dried skin particles can develop inside the body, only on the outside. how does the dog know what to search for? When the blood from a wounded animal drips from the skin of that animal, its scent is absorbed within the blood. When your dog is brought to the spot where blood appears, he is directed to locate that particular animal. If trained properly, he only track the animal whose scent he smells. Does this really work? Consider this, when tracking a wounded animal, generally the blood droppings cease, but the dog continues to track the correct animal. Why? He is following the scent trail left behind by the animal, and not just its blood droppings. If you can identify the location where the deer was standing when it was shot, the dog track that particular animal, even if there is not visible blood. When training a dog, if blood collected from one animal is being sprayed, and a piece of hide from a different animal is being used as the drag, it can and usually does, confuse the dog, making training a monumental task. The reason is that the blood is not collecting the scent of the hide. If the blood was allowed to drip off the hide, that would make a huge difference. Why confuse the dog? Simply use portions of the cape of a particular animal as the drag and teach the dog to track that particular scent. Each time you change the hide, you have a different scent, and the dog knows it. With that said, you 't need boots with hide strapped to them to lay a track. Remember, you want the dog to track one particular hide or animal, 't mix the scents. It's just causing more confusion. You're making the dog work his nose harder than needed. A dog that is trained by us follow the scent of anything you put it on. For example: I trained a dog for a friend to find wounded deer, and the dog worked fantastically. One evening I received a call from them that one of the hunters their group left his stand and became lost. I asked if anything was left the stand. They said he left his gloves behind. I described the manner which to present the scent to the dog, and 30 minutes later the hunter was found. Same dog, same task, different scent, same results. Thank you for taking the time to read this information. About Blood Dog Training. Blood Dog Training is a division of ABCANTRA and is dedicated to the training of Blood Trailing Dogs. Our course is an intensive four week program where your dog is taught to follow the scent of the animal you wish to find. It does not matter whether it's deer, hogs, or people. If you can determine the starting point of your prey View More. Do you find yourself constantly looking for a magical way to lose abdominal fat? Maybe you're sick of your friends teasing you about the beer gut, or you just gave birth and find yourself left with some extra baby weight around the waist. Suddenly finding yourself without the trim fit body that you once had can really bring on the blues. Before you know it, you are on your laptop searching for how to lose abdominal fat or best stomach exercises. After all, you want a flat stomach fast that you can be confident again! There is much information to be found on how to lose abdominal fat, flatten your stomach, or get six pack abs. Obtaining the stomach or abs of your dreams is not far out