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Chwilę kieruje dodajmy niż komediowych nut liczenia taktów i uwagi that everything be just fine, but be wary of anyone who promises you the Be sure to ask the dog trainer about their background, professional training, and philosophy. Ask for at least three references, and phone those people. 't be a hurry to send your dog away somewhere for training or rehab because the aggressive behavior happens the context of your world, and general it's much better to work with someone while the dog stays at home. Also, real improvement is almost never going to happen just one or two sessions. When the trainer evaluates your dog, discuss with them how sessions they recommend, knowing that it's hard to predict. This is likely to make a dent your wallet but can make it possible to save a dog. 8. Diminish your dog's fear by touching him soothingly. Recognize that most cases, fear is a big part of why your dog is aggressive. Do what you can to diminish his fear. For example, touching the dog with massage or Tellington TTouch can make a difference. Since every dog has a different handling threshold, that is, a different level of acceptance of being touched at all and of being touched particular parts of the body, 't push beyond what the dog accepts. You also be diminishing your dog's fear by doing things mentioned this article, such as more exercise and avoiding stressful situations. 9. Consider your options and commit to a plan. This last tip is one of the most important, because no matter what difficult emotions you go through –anger, sadness, frustration, denial if you keep working with your dog, revising your plan as needed, the outlook is much brighter than if you let things slide. 34 Comments. Hi Vickie Do take this seriously. She could bite you. This is beyond the scope of what blog comments can solve. Take her to the vet for a thorough exam. Find a good dog trainer, and https: the Association of Pet Dog Trainers is a good resource for trainers using the best methods. And consider rehoming her if necessary. the meantime, be very careful around her. Best wishes! We rescued a beagle mix approximately 1 years old she is fixed and has recently showing agression at me she is extremely affectionate with boyfriend I am the care giver good or bad I do it all,she growls,bares teeth and has came close to biting me please help me Wow, as a Rottie-lover and owner myself, your post speaks to heart. He sure had a bad start with all that crating, glad you have him. If I were your shoes, I would look for a different dog trainer, one that is more involved with positive dog training. Go to https: and about people there, as this is organization founded by the great Dr. Dunbar and others. Adolescent dogs naturally go through some changes but you definitely need to get him more socialized as as possible! Best wishes, Hello, I have a 17 month rottie. We adopted him from another family that had him crated 10 hours a day. He came to us with food aggression, which is much better now with frequent feedings and a maze bowl. He gets along great with 2 year old mastiff. We know he hasn't been socialized well and he is currently dog training classes with other dogs. 2 weeks ago we were walking our dogs and a little girl the neighborhood asked to pet him. He came from a house with 5 kids previously. Anyway he accepted the petting but then put his nose her stomach and let out a growl. We obviously yanked her away. Then 2 days later teenagers had a party outside. He was separated but growled at 2 different teenagerswhen they were petting him, which he allowed at first. We kept him thecrate and figured he was over stimulated. I have family over for a birthday party and I was cooking on the stove and put a baby gate the kitchen with dog with me. BIL went to throw something garbage and he went to lunge and growl. But then restrains himself. He seems to be very protective now. He still gives us kisses but even growl at us if we are too close. He gives us a side eye. It's just a growl never showing his