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Jej, wszystko i życzliwym układających się niewymuszonego neptunia teraz spielberg knowing she'll enjoy the pets if she just tries it. She finally does, sniffing the stranger's feet. The stranger pets her and rubs that special spot behind her ears. She rolls over and we all go, Awww! She gets her belly rubbed. When the stranger stops she jumps up, all wiggles, and crawls onto lap. Yay! Great experience! Right? Is it? Low tail means they're nervous and 't want to engage. A low wag means they have anxiety this situation it's the dog saying, I'm just a puppy, please 't hurt me! I'm cute! dog was saying they didn't want to engage and were worried, but I ignored it completely and encouraged them forward. Like any small child they 't want to disappoint, they got petted. They learned that I'm not listening and they have no choice the matter. Then they ran back to me for reassurance. Was that really a great experience for dog? Maybe it ended all right, but overall I 't think happiness is what they're going to take away from that experience. And yet, it's exactly what we all do! I've even caught myself doing it, on both ends, Repeat this experience 100 times a month and classical conditioning takes over. person, get anxious. Even if it's ending well, the dog is STILL learning that we aren't listening and it starts out stressful. For some dogs, this won't matter. They're friendly and happy-go-lucky that they're going to find friends everywhere regardless of the situation. But what if I have a dog who is really excitable? He knows that when he goes out HE MEETS PEOPLE! He tries to jump on every person he meets and he's EXCITED he does nothing but wiggle like crazy when he sees new friends! Maybe this work out brilliantly. Or maybe I'm over stimulating already excited dog. they walk out the door and the turns off THEY'RE GOING TO NEW FRIENDS OMG CAN'T THINK!!1!! Maybe I have a super friendly dog, but efforts to meet 100 people day hang on, I'm hyperventilating I let him say hi to the elderly gent down the street. Turns out that guy was attacked by a chihuahua when he was a toddler, and when dog approaches he starts screaming and flinching backward. friendly puppy thinks some people might be unpredictable and frightening, and would-have-been-friendly puppy has trauma. Meeting people just backfired. But what about those 100 dogs I was supposed to meet every month? the wild, a puppy would NEVER meet that dogs. Possibly not even his lifetime. But hey, we're following The Theory we do it. Some of those dogs are over-friendly and try to play, bouncing on puppy and scaring him on accident. Others 't want to deal with a puppy and are stiff or even snap to make him back off. BUT, not all dogs snap, and some puppies play nicely. Then there's the leash aggressive dog we 't even get near, who is essentially screaming threats at puppy from across the street, which is rather frightening. What's puppy learning? Maybe that dogs are unpredictable, and even the friendly ones might be too rough. I've over-stated point, haven't I? But now you get the picture. None of dogs saw tons of people or dogs. and Doc both had issues when I got them; barked fearfully at men, and Doc was leash aggressive toward dogs. had had a pool guy come into the yard and frighten her; I have no idea what experiences Doc had. They both saw more dogs and people than Cash did. Cash's experiences with dogs and people were limited to those I knew well, and knew he'd have a good experience with. I 't have a big enough sample here to base real comparisons on, but I