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Jego życiu wejrzenia i mimo slapstickowy humor oglądamy różne próby me. I think 99% of the problems with dogs are related to owner education; the vast majority of pet dogs around here are completely untrained and the owners that do try to control the dog do using the outdated dominance-based type of training that they on tv. I live Australia. Different states have different regulations, but state dogs are allowed off lead parks unless sign-posted otherwise. other states, it's the opposite Dogs are not allowed off lead on footpaths any state, as far as I know, and most states have a restriction on how close dogs can be to playground equipment. Dogs must have access to water at all times and, provided water is provided a crate, crates are legal. I believe dogs are allowed on public transport if muzzles and or a pet cage. Most restaurants and cafes allow dogs to sit outside, but animals are not allowed inside restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, or pretty much any inside public space. re: Animal control officers come and give me citations based on this one individuals complaints That's very sad. It shouldn't be that way. Your neighbor is harassing you. city western USA, you can get a fine for nuisance barking, but the person who submits the complaint has to have a video with sound recording documenting X numbers of minutes hours of almost continuous barking. That's a fair way to handle it. And I think it should have to be documentation across multiple days. You want to avoid situations where you have a nasty neighbor who does a recording on accident day which is not typical. Re nuisance barking versus nuisance neighbors. I've had several clients who were a similar situation. We tape recorded their dogs and were able to use it as proof that the dogs barked sporadically during the day, and not ALL DAY like the neighbors argued. I 't live terribly far from you…the only places dog is allowed off-leash are designated dog parks. I 't mind much since I live close to the downtown area…he's not one of those dogs who trot by side. He likes to RUN and then come back and check on me and then RUN and then come back and check on me. Honestly I 't know what he'd do off-leash a town setting. I'm much more worried about other people and their dogs than I am about him, but I suppose most people feel that way, even those with unstable dogs. IRT to the pit bull laws of and its suburbs: there used to be a requirement that the owner of a pit bull had to get a permit to drive through. That was ruled unconstitutional.. actually the only part of their horrific inhumane law that has been ruled. All the rest, the seizure and destruction of private property without due cause, the harassment of lawabiding citizens… was determined to be within the purview of the city on the grounds of public safety. today, the law can seize any dog it determines to be a pit bull There are several ongoing lawsuits against over the issue, one of them involving service dogs, since as noted above the law requires public accomodations to allow them and recent clarification specifies that dogs not be refused because of breed or size must allow pit bull service dogs, and it has mightily tried to resist the federal law. The laws do have exemptions for dogshows and clubs use venues the area.. which I find appalling, because it conveys the message that the laws are acceptable I live eastern Washington. town, dogs must be kept ‘under control' They are required to