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Rzecznikiem i dostają rządu hałasów wielkiej której tak usilnie historia with the 101st Airborne Division receiving and unpacking the M17 and M18 new Modular Handgun System at Fort Campbell. You say that they are all holding the gun the same way but to me it looks like some are doing it properly while others are teacupping, holding their secondary hand too low or putting their secondary thumb around the grip. I share your worries on their training, but have own about your eyesight, tbh. None of the different grips look very comfortable to me, but the pics 't show if they're getting good results or not. When I teach newbies, I show them how I do it and how not to do it As as they're comfortable and stable, I 't get too worried about the exact posing of the support hand. The teacup grip was taught the military for years and years…up to the early 70's. Then it fell out of favor with more modern methods which are supposed to be better and most cases are. The USPSA style is supposed to be the epitome and what everyone should do. The crossed thumbs that some of the pictures show are kinda left over from that old training. Just like the evolution of the different stances…Weaver, Isosceles, etc. The real ‘gunslingers' on TFB always declare that older methods are not any good and be that is true. Each technique has its own reasons, advantages and disadvantages. The cup of tea is used to hold the gun for a time during checks, very suitable for women, tightening well controls the gun well. The Weaver revolver is favorite, check the gun quick shooting of shots, control well even the 10 cars, etc. The Enos-Letham IPSC, discarded the 60s by the Israelis, reborn for the practical shooting for open category guns, unsuitable for combat shooting for problems, is good for competition guns and hit the big IPSC targets, not the small lethal areas like heart, spine. Italy where I live all shoot with the Enos-Letham grip, but then say that the 10 cars, 40 S W and 44 are unmanageable. unsuitable for combat shooting for problems, is good for competition guns and hit the big IPSC targets, not the small lethal areas like heart, spine. Problems such as? What about the thumbs forward grip makes it unsuitable for accurate shots? Works pretty good for me… The execution of the thumbs forward grip seems to vary between shooters as far as the thumb contact goes. I have not heard anyone say that the purpose of the thumbs forward grip is to exert pressure to counter the trigger movement…although some people do this Brian Enos, if I remember correctly, does not even touch the gun with his thumbs. Most people just lay them along side the gun with the objective of them being nuetral. The most important aspect of the thumbs forward grip vs weaver mind, is that you can rotate your wrist further forward, get the support hand further towards the muzzle and much higher towards the bore. Nothing to do with counter-acting trigger pressure. Teacupping was actually still featured as acceptable technique the pistol marksmanship FM they released the 1990s. That's despite the fact that we've known through scientific analysis since the 1970s provides almost no support hand advantage it's almost as weak a grip as the one handed duelist stance, and it adds any unintended movement of the weak hand or arm as another failure source, you ;t even have the slow fire accuracy bonus a proper one handed stance can give you. Teacupping literally gives you the worst of both worlds, between two handed shooting control and speed and one handed precision. Crossed thumbs has NEVER been considered acceptable form for a semiautomatic pistol if you have room to cross your thumbs over the back of the grip without sacrificing blood and flesh on the altar of the Slide God, your grip is WAY too low. FM proves that you are wrong. You need to actually look at the Field Manuals. They clearly show the Fist Grip, the Palm Supported Grip and the Weaver Grip the first picture the shooter is not crossing his thumbs behind the slide. Sorry, but people actually have been trained this way and it actually does work the field. other words. crossed thumbs have been considered acceptable form for a semiauto pistol. Even the Palm Supported…science or no science. One handed has its uses and they're decently likely to come