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Tylko bycie sobą jednak krok zaś naszym zadaniem najbardziej kuriozalne Me! at -2099 with this information. Copyright 1999 World Organization. All rights reserved. Rescue Me!, are service marks of WO. View Photo Credits. Copyrights 2012. Dogs Training. All Rights Reserved. She poses, she pouts and, boy, does she strut her stuff. Her name is and she's a nine-monthold black standard poodle with a ridiculously fluffy top knot. Her real name is Chalkwell of Light but, as it's a bit of a mouthful, her owner calls her or for short. A friend of mine who breeds dogs named a litter of puppies after 's songs because she loves them, explains I decided to call puppy and she really lives up to her name. She's a poser and a prima and her stunning looks really do give her the ‘wow' factor. But, however much prances around, have her firmly under control. is one of the country's top dog trainers and breeders, trained by international dog trainer Sylvia Bishop and a follower of the philosophy of ‘dog whisperer' Millan, which aims to understand dogs and recognise their main needs of exercise, discipline and affection. The owner of the kennels and cattery Collies on Ranscombe Hill near Lewes, is a familiar face at Crufts, the Kennel Club's annual international dog show, where dogs she has bred and trained have scooped top awards and where she has been a judge since 1991, known for her style, fairness and innovative rounds. Last month, travelled to the world's biggest dog show at the NEC Birmingham, this time not to judge, but to take part the Kennel Club's Accreditation Scheme for Instructors Dog Training, a scheme that add to 's training qualifications. I love Crufts because it is spectacular, enthuses. It's like going to the Olympics or to Wimbledon and the arena is huge. When I first went, I thought I'd love to get feet on that green carpet. There's a competitiveness among the competitors because it's the biggest and best dog show the world and you want to win. Everyone wants to win. The best dogs the world are here, this country. The standard of training and trainers, whether you are talking about obedience, agility, play, is just so high. All the dogs competing at Crufts are the best the world they have to be to be selected. Even before they compete, they have to pass a temperament test because if they don't, you lose marks and you won't get into the top places. speaks from experience. She sees competitors from as far afield as and Japan at Crufts and, as a full member of the Kennel Club of London, has received judging appointments from around the UK, Europe and as far afield as Australia and Singapore, when she was selected 2005 by the Singapore Kennel Club to judge the obedience and agility class there. You know, we could really learn something important from Singapore, says If you own a dog there and want to take it into a public park, before you go you have to go to one of the park attendants and show that you have a Kennel Club training certificate, to Bronze level at the very least. It's basically a we protect you certificate that proves a dog is under control and is a good citizen. They simply not allow you into the park without it. And I think we should introduce the same system here. Kennel Club training makes dogs into good citizens with good manners. When you take your dog out public, it has to be under control. The number of times I have been to Brighton and seen people with dogs running around loose not only is it illegal, it is also very worrying for parents with children and everyone else. 's great passion for all things canine is all the more surprising when you learn that she didn't even own her first dog until she was 40. Her epiphany came when she took her father's mongrel for a walk and balked at the