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Ich kolejną zakuć dyby sporo lat nikt pół biedy gdyby cap gun as the bird is being pulled down as to simulate a kill. 't let pup run to the live bird unless you are sure the flapping bird won't make pup shy of birds! I only use this technique when I am FIRST introducing pup to launched birds. This is a terrific technique to simulate pups first kill without having to actually use a shotgun! Understanding Stimulation Thresholds for the Modern E-collar Should I use e-collar and if which E-Collar should I use on companion gun dog? We use and recommend the humane choice, D.T. Systems SPT and H2O series collars. Jones is a nationally recognized professional trainer and breeder of top notch bird dogs. He owns and operates Chief's Brittanys. He recommends the humane e-collar systems produced by D.T. Systems. D.T. system collars are extraordinary. They not only have all the basic e-collar essentials that one would expect, but they also offer unique features such as positive vibration and gentle touch technology There is a wide range of collars from systems that offer the GTS and Positive Vibration technology ensuring that everyone can take advantage of this state-of-the-art humane technology. Personally, I use the SPT 2432. Positive Vibration, rising stimulation, 'jump' for a humane 'user set' panic level and the run point paging elements make D.T. collars the most humane product on the market today! D.T. sells collars with 50 to 60 stimulation levels This means a wider range of stimulation levels which allows you to accurately set the correct level for your sensitive dog. You NEED a collar with a wide range of stimulation levels that you 't cause your dog to suffer from E-collar overstepping offers a variety of collars with different transmitter controls that everyone can find what they want, whether it is a push button LED. transmitter or one with a turn knob. You just have the choose the system and features that you fill most comfortable with. Should you ever have issue, systems has a fast turn around to keep their customers happy! Couple all these features with affordable pricing, reliability, and impressive lifetime warranty and you've got a winner. Jones, Chief's Brittanys 's article below about the proper use of positive vibration. What is a stimulation threshold? What are stimulation thresholds? What are stimulation thresholds used for? How to I determine stimulation thresholds? Why do I need to know them? What's a threshold? WhY rEad ThiS? You need to know about this stuff because if you strap electronic stimulus training collar on your dog you have the sudden power to suddenly, and quite permanently, ruin your dog. If this alarms you, it should. First, let me give you a Scientific study, relative to the probes which contact your dogs skin, that specifically addresses impedance from 3 types of metal on human skin. I cannot find a 'dog' study but assume impedance across human and bare animal skin is closely related Received: 25 1972 The temporal change the approximate impedance of dry silver, stainless-steel and German-silver electrodes applied to the unprepared skin of human subjects was measured using the electrocardiogram as a test signal....; the temporal nature of the decrease was similar for all three metals. Although there were wide variations individual impedances over a 20- period, the average 20- impedance was between one-fourth and one-fifth of the initial impedance for all three metals. Silver exhibited the lowest average initial and 20- impedance values. I wrote this article and developed own terminology and technical descriptions to standardize explanations. goal is for each and every person to understand that e-collars are more than just a zap 'em tool. This article and it's titles are copyrighted and protected under trademarks. While I'm not a scientist, I have trained hundreds of dogs and understand there are differences e-collar transmissions affected by factors. Plus, previous Navy life, I was a Registered Cardiovascular Technologist and worked with all sorts of electronics that were applied or inserted into the human body. Remember this above all e-collars aren't for teaching, they are for reinforcing. First, technical descriptions A 'stimulation threshold' is the minimum amount of stimulation emitted from electronic dog training collar that is required to accomplish something. There are several kinds of stimulation thresholds on a dog. Specific stimulation thresholds are required to get the dog to respond to the handlers request training, hunting, or emergencies. If you use e-collar you need to understand stimulation thresholds! I have taken the term 'stimulation threshold' and applied it to e-collars that one can understand what they are doing when stimulating a dog. While descriptions of various stimulation thresholds follow, I 't expect you to memorize this stuff. goal is that you understand what is going on with your dog that you 't over stimulate your dog. OVERUSE OF THE E-COLLAR USING HIGHER THAN REQUIRED STIMULATION LEVELS LEADS TO 'E-COLLAR DESENSITIZATION'....That's BAD! I call this e-collar overstepping™. on that later. First, let's discuss the various stimulation thresholds I observe: 1. Minimum amount of stimulation required to be by the animal, herein felt You should determine his minimum amount to be felt a quiet environment as excited environ not yield the same results thus skewing your findings. 2. Minimum amount