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Nasi przeciwnicy oraz falami wspinają, się szumu oraz oglądanych słowem a nasty virus. Will never be without them!! While I took them I had not been sick with a cold, flu, allergies over 2 years. That is a record for me!! Thanks you Marijah you have opened eyes wide. 2008 I've been a member and student for some time now and recently started brewing the 4- Tea again for some acquaintences that have various health problems. One of them is boyfriend who is 46 and has complained of arthritis his elbow...I have him on HHA Connexion and the 4- tea along with Fish Oil, HHA Cider Vinegar Pills and the HHA multivitamin...we've been doing this for several months now and he can not believe that his pain is gone...he tells all his friends about it and now they too want the 4- tea and whatever I feel they need for their specific problems. What great advice and products you have...also bless you for speaking out about what's wrong with this country world...keep up the great work! Dec. 2007 Dear McCain, this year the biopsy results showed 90% Leukemia. July I started 'the natural program'. the same test showed 0% i.e. complete cytogenetic remission! Then they tested me with the finest test available called PCR by which they test 100 to 1,000 cells results are molecular response. They'll test me every 3 months on the PCR to if I've reached a complete molecular response. To put it mildly, they are not accustomed to witness such a dramatic reversal. Thank you for you guidance. With God's grace I'll be cancer free Nov. 2007 Dear McCain, Your HHA Cal Mag Vit D Liquid has been a great help for mom's night time leg cramps She has tried different things and this is the only thing that really seems to help. She has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. She is active and loves to garden. She takes one tablespoon twice a day. Oct. 2007 Thank you much for helping me out. I decided that since I have been suffering from parasites that family have been as well since they also had similar symptoms as I did. Well I would like to let you know that since the parasite cleanse, mother's mobility and energy has improved greatly and she can digest her food now without having complications. However, the biggest success is for brother, he was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago and was told to change his diet, well he didn't like the food he never followed the diet, instead we bought some digestive enzyme pills and they helped but not much, until we got the parasite cleanse, now his Celiac disease is gone! He doesn't run to the restroom after every meal! I also recommended the parasite cleanse to relatives they ordered some stuff from you as well! I also would like to let you know that the Dr. 's Pro Metabolic capsules are working great! I have began a lower dose of thyroid medication! I also gave them to mother and brother and brother has lost over 10 lbs and the Dr. just called last week on Thursday to tell us that we need to reduce his medication! It's only been less than a month since he has been taking these pills and already there is improvement! I myself have lost 7 lbs and I have much energy and positive attitude that I am just thankful for this! Oct. 2007 First I would like to thank you for all of your help far. dogs leg is now healing nicely, after she expelled the cancer from it. And mother is feeling good, she is going to the nursing home telling everyone, how you have helped her with her thyroid, her overall health and that her incontinence has disappeared. And one of our friends has been taking the tea, and is now canceer free, much to the amazement of the doctors.. You have touched lives here Tennessee. Oct. 2007 Just wanted you to know the lump little boy's armpit is gone. After adding the red clover drops to his regimen of 4 Tea and Colloidal Silver it caused the lump to go from about the size of a nickel, firm and painful to the size a little bigger than a half dollar and soft. He had a marked reduction pain and swelling within 2 days. It took about a week for it to be totally gone. He was with his cousin