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Nie jest ducha przewrotność jak tekst przekopiowany przyjemne głównie straszone keep the other side of the equation our heads. people hiking the preserves are not at easy around dogs yet they deserve to feel at ease there also. I can't tell you how often I have had to deal with other peoples no really, he's friendly! dogs that come charging at us. After I get heart out of throat, I have to deal with a dog that hopefully backs off and runs away but usually is too nervous to run off and holds his and barks and lunges at us until the owner realizes what is going on and finally collars his her dog and usually commenting on how aggressive dog seems to be! We all our dogs, and although we think the rises and sets on them, the rest of the world is not convinced of this. I letting dog off line but I finally got it through head that I needed to keep her farther away from not just other dogs but everyone I make sure I recall her far sooner then I used to do. If we are within 50 feet of someone its too close. Interestingly enough, I find this has made her calmer by being near me when we pass someone. She seem to take her cues from me on the emotional level of the encounter. It surely has helped her be calmer around other dogs even though she does not want to socialize with them. It also reminds me to work on her recall all the time. Working for that PhD recall seem boring but it is sooooo rewarding! Thank you to all. I'm Portland, OR, which I think is generally held to be a pretty dog-friendly city. We 't have BSL, which is the important thing to me, as I have Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I'm nervous about that sort of thing, though, I 't license dogs. Which means I can't get their rabies vaccines at usual vets, because the county requires vets to inform animal control of all pets given rabies vaccines. Not fond of that law. Being a city, the only place to legally allow dogs off leash would be dog parks. There are several, but I 't take dogs to them. It is hard to find a place to let your dogs run if you 't want to use those. I am lucky enough to have a couple friends who have acreage not too far away, I go out to their places when I can. I've also been known to illegally have dogs off-leash lightly used remote areas of parks. And it's very commonly accepted at the Oregon coast that dogs are off-leash on the beach. It's not legal, but I've never heard of anyone getting trouble for it. All Oregon ocean beaches are public, no private beach ownership allowed, they 't tend to be crowded. There are some businesses you can take a dog into. Nothing with food, but pet supply stores almost always, some hardware stores, auto repair, that sort of thing. I find if you just walk with the dog, a lot of times you won't be questioned. Food places with outdoor seating usually 't mind dogs there. I'm not sure if it's legal, or just ignored. Though there are places like the Lucky Lab brewpub which has a large patio seating area, with a roof and plenty of tables, and aimed towards dog owners. a pretty elaborate set-up if it wasn't legal. Most people do a good job of picking up after their dogs, which is awesome. And we do not really have overpopulation problem, most dogs that go into animal control or the local humane society find homes. There are also several great rescue organizations that place pets. The rescues and the humane society actually import dogs from elsewhere to place The only thing I really want, other than getting rid of the rabies vaccine reporting requirement, would be to make it illegal for people to confine their dogs unsupervised a yard that borders the sidewalk. Just because the dogs that charge the fence a frenzy every time you walk by their house frustrate me much. And make it impossible for me to get 5-yr-old Staffy bitch to walk on a loose leash, since she wants to get away from the fence-chargers badly, and I can't really blame her. friends disapprove of me wanting any more restrictive laws, though. Here Switzerland we can take our dogs with us almost everywhere Our companions are allowed to move around off leash almost everywhere. It is the responsibility of us owners to keep our dogs under control and to react sensibly I to dogs playing happily together when off-leash and I almost always can a happy grin