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Już zarezerwować bilet korzystają i satanizm inaczej to ukaże wiary out? As bad as it sounds, but we're hoping that poisons were the cause rather than infectious disease, because now we're afraid to hang out the back yard. What do you think and what do you suggest we do? Every morning I'm afraid to look out the back yard and another dead rabbit. Sounds more like a poison but it is definitely possible that it could be a disease. I know little about wild rabbits and even less about their medical conditions. Wish I could be more help. The good news is that wild rabbits survive by mass producing and they quickly re-populate if there is not a pathogen present. Rabbits are considered pests communities, it is quite likely that a neighbor or even the city is using something. Often, the local residents are not aware that this is even going on. If it continues, I would definitely report this to your local health department or city official. It is not normal for this to occur, to knowledge. Hi friend I was having two female rabbit they were more than cute and beautiful. They were very friendly problem is something like fateful morning I saw one of them lying her box and another was seems to good I pulled her out and I saw she was not moving. like paralyzed she just lie on ground neither walking nor eating but last night she was eating and she died on 21st Aug the same day another rabbit was good but after evening she also left paralyzed she stops eating another day morning I was getting ready to take her to hospital as soon as I put her her box and picked the box she starts shaking her legs and opened her eyes very much and DIED front of eye she died yesterday on 22 Aug. Both of children like rabbit died. I remember I had given them on 21 Aug night grass from outside from where I daily give them both children like rabbits died. I am not getting a possible reason of their death can you tell me. I cried It is hard to say why your bunnies died. It is very sad and I know that I would be crying, too. People need to understand that rabbits are fragile and delicate pets. They are very sensitive to things the environment, from household cleaners to house plants. Anything like that could have poisoned your bunnies. Virtually all household cleaners and soaps are toxic for rabbits. are most house plants and outdoor plants. Rabbits are a domestic animal, they do not know poisonous plants from good ones, like wild rabbits do. I recommend NOT getting another rabbit until you learn what hurt your bunnies, otherwise this most likely happen again. The I know it's almost a year later but I thought I should put this up for anyone stopping by. If the grass you were giving them was treated recently, or if you live near some farms the grass could have toxins on it. But the other thing is if you were giving them grass clippings then that have been it. Grass clippings no matter how small the amount, ferment and become toxic to rabbits. A friend of mine, had someone watching her rabbits and he didn't know, he gave all of them grass clippings trying to be helpful and sadly a lot of them died. I'm sorry for your loss. I rescued 3 baby dwarf bunnies 3 days ago because mother sadly died. We fed them kitten formula and within 24 hours were doing great. Last night we started giving them grass pro biotic vitamins their water. This morning we woke up to 1 dead and the others close to death. thoughts are 1 vitamins could've been to strong, 2 the grass we picked have pesticides on it, or 3 a virus. I wanna try to get fluids them as much as possible to hopefully push out any toxins of any. But what can I do? What can I do to help them? The babies probably needed mother's milk and rabbits do not eat grass, especially babies. Rabbits eat hay and Orchard grass, not lawn grass which makes even adult rabbits sick if they eat too much. Unless you can find a nursing mother rabbit, I am afraid that you most likely lose the other babies, too if they are too to have been removed from their mommy. I know it's almost a year later but I thought I should put this up for anyone stopping by. Rabbit's milk is very and dense. Kitten formula work but it isn't enough. What I would suggest for very rabbits is this mixture: 2 cups of 2% milk 2 egg yolks 2 tbsp powdered milk 2 tbs corn syrup Feed lukewarm They 't need too much of this at a time but they get it twice a day. Every day. Only feed them as much as they eat quickly. If they are still hungry they pucker their lips out to try and