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Życie się nie i całkiem zabawnie do wykuwania broni lekkiego and when the right time comes I'll certainly be back touch for another Jimjoy chocolate lab. We thought we'd drop you a quick note to say thank you, because nineteen years ago we purchased a puppy from you, we called her Turner, sadly she passed away the November of 2005. We had fifteen and a half brilliant years with her, we never had any trouble with her, her temperament was as beautiful as she was, we still her loads. Thank you for giving us this special time... After our first attendance at the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme training event we were approached by the owner of a yellow Lab who asked Where did you get her from? She's well behaved. fact, she was much better behaved than a number of the other pups attending the event. She is really well behaved and a pleasure to have amongst our family. I walk her three times a day and each time she is off lead and each time she trots alongside me, happy as She is obedient and friendly and everybody loves her. And as far as I'm concerned I adore her. I've just been looking at your new website and wanted to say how great it is. I especially loved seeing the video of Hickory running around as he is dog's father! She runs and bounds about just like him! Truffle is adored by 8 year old black male lab and she idolises him despite teasing him at every opportunity! She has a beautiful temperament and loves to have cuddles. She is a quick learner too she saw our cat go through the catflap on her first night here and she would let herself and out no training needed! Mind you, as she got too big to fit through, she thought she needed to take it off the door!! I can not imagine life without her. Tyton has settled really well from the moment we got home! He loves everyone and everything and is a fantastic character! He is growing very quickly and is now nearly 5 months. He loves walking to school as he has a big fuss made of him by daughter's friends, as you can imagine! The first night we had him he slept his bed the kitchen and has done ever since with no problems at all. He loves to race from room to room for about 10 minutes and then fall asleep! We are really happy that we have such a super new member of the family and very glad that we found you... Uma gets better everyday. He no longer looks like a little bear. The other day he got stuck he managed to get his head and shoulders through the railings on the wall and then couldn't go backwards or forwards. Eventually we managed to manoeuvre him out with no damage done, but hopefully he won't do that again!! And his best trick is when his water bowl is full he stands it and splashes all the water out with his paws. You won't be surprised to hear that he no longer gets Evian to drink a bit expensive for splashing He had his first visit to the beach last week and loved the waves and the wash and was fantastic at staying to heel when we took his lead off and he's brilliant the garden it's on 3 terraces he's often out of sight digging up the cactus!!, but comes instantly when I call him probably the treat training rather than his longing to me, but at least it works! We just wanted to let you know what a lovely dog our is growing into. He's just over 6 months old now and absolute delight. The children him and he is very patient and gentle with the littlest one. He didn't cry at all when we got him home and was house trained within 3 weeks. He hasn't caused any damage and really is a delight. We just wanted to say thank you once again. We never let you know how delightful