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Cóż to jest, każdej walce ruchu eko wątpliwości kto rządzi on deep powder days…. mowed lawns to buy his first bike, a Mirada, I rode that bike everywhere.…current bike lineup includes: Moots Routt, Fairdale Goodship, Fairdale Coaster, and a Surly Ice Cream Truck…you'll find enjoying the single track on mountain, road riding on 20 mile, and on the back roads behind Sleeping Giant…outside of Steamboat it's anything Fruita far…dream cycling trip is to one day ride across back to his hometown visiting friends along the way…if you are faster than he most probably admires you unless, you're jerk about it, then he's glad you're not riding with him…before pedaling it's steel cut oatmeal, after, it's beers and a cheeseburger, Hey, I burned all those calories for a reason.…when not riding you can find at home with his wife and dogs…his dad got him into cycling, They would go on casual bike rides around town, It was exciting to leave the neighborhood and not get trouble.… recently purchased a he says, Stand by and how far into the hole I end up. I really like being part of a team that has the common interest of making the finest titanium bicycles the world. I know that sounds a bit cliche, but working at Moots is not just a job. You really are part of something special. You can ride up to any Moots owner and strike up a conversation about their bike. At the end of the week when all those tubes I shaped and cut are headed off to welding, I feel accomplished and proud to know that they are going to someone that appreciate what we do here. Frame Finisher…at Moots and Steamboat Springs for 3 months…originally from Greeley, CO…moved to Steamboat for job at Moots…snowboarder…1st bike was a 16 Extreme equipped with coaster brakes and solid tubes… the garage you'll find 's Intense Spider, Giant Revolt, Cult BMX, KHS DJ, Trek Antelope 850, and a Franken Townie…digs the new Pioneer trail on Mt. …also like the Hypodermics-technos trail Honolulu, HI…admires Okada, assistant manager at The Bike Shop Kailua, HI…dream cycling trip is to Big Sur, CA…after a ride it's pizza beer…when not on a bike, can be found working on his bikes… few early memories are on a bicycle. I 't know how we met but it was meant to be. What working at Moots means to It means I get to touch raw titanium and work with people that are passionate about cycling and the product we produce. Parts Program Manager Manager…going on almost 5 weeks at Moots…from Hartsville, TN…learned to run trails next to Dad's 2008 Moots Rigormootis…loves any trail near a creek…admires Matty Pronovost and …daydreams about running awesome trails while dad pedals, stopping and swimming a river, eating some treats, and then sleeping the car all the way home…. dad got me started following his bike when I was 10 weeks old. By the time I was 4 months I could run a whole mile with him. By 6 months we were doing 20 I absolutely it! I never cut trail and sometimes I wish Dad could ride faster, especially uphill. I usually have to bark at him to get him to hustle up. Slow humans.…I like food. Do you have food? Is that why you're asking me about food? Are you going to give me food? I you're eating something,is that food? Can I have that? Please? Can I have that? Please? Program Parts Manager…4 weeks Steamboat Springs and at Moots…a 2007 Toyota Matrix named Kervin brought to Moots from TN…called Nashville, TN home for the last 20 years…when asked skier or snowboarder he asks, What's snow?…first bike was, A green neighborhood bike that all the neighborhood kids learned to ride on. It got passed around house to house as we kids got to pedaling age. At age 3 1976, I got first bike, a sesquicentennial Jr. Sting-. I remember having blocks of wood strapped to the pedals just I could reach them. That bike opened the door to adventure for me.…current quiver is all Moots: a 2008 Moots Rigormoots Rigid Singlespeed, a 2011