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Trójwymiar ilość i życiem ulice stal spajająca ich scenariusza pierwsza for several years often lose portions of their ears, as more tissue is lost each from fly bites. Control of internal parasites is more difficult because the chained dog is always close to his own fecal m atter and can re-infest him self be stepping or sniffing his own waste. Also, the dog is forced to have almost continual contact with the the chaining area, which have a high concentration of parasite larvae. The final word is that chaining doesn't work except to serve as a form of confinement that is easy for the owner but cruel for the animal. Chained dogs are miserable, and their owners are often frustrated. Chaining is not acceptable practice. It's a -overlooked form of cruelty that must be stopped. Call your local animal control office, humane society, or sheriff's department if you a dog who is: consistently without food, water or shelter; sick or infested with parasites; too skinny. A city county official or humane society investigator is required to investigate the situation if the dog guardian is breaking your community's animal cruelty law. most communities, it is considered cruel to leave a dog without food, water or shelter; to not provide medical care to a sick dog; and to keep a dog undernourished. Even if your city's ordinance doesn't have animal cruelty section, your state law have a section that addresses animal cruelty. Your state laws are online: do a keyword search for Your State Code or Your State Statutes. Once you report the situation--'t be afraid to follow up! Keep calling the authorities until the situation is resolved. If animal control doesn't respond, write a letter describing the situation to your mayor. The dog is counting on you to be his voice. Offer to buy the chained dog from the owner. Just say something like, I saw your dog and have always wanted a red chow. Would you sell him to me for $50? You can then place the dog into a good home. Although some chained dogs are aggressive and difficult to approach, are very friendly and adoptable. 't offer to buy the dog if you think that the owner just go right back out and get another dog. Put up a fence. Fences give dogs freedom and make it easier for owners to approach their dogs, since they won't be jumping at the end of a chain. Fences 't have to cost much if you do some work yourself. You can attach mesh fencing to wooden or metal posts for the cheapest fence. Chain link is easy to install, too. Spaying and neutering help the dog calm down and stay closer to home. A sterilized dog won't try to escape to find a mate! Sterilization is healthy for your dog: it reduces his or her risk of getting certain types of cancer. Sterilization won't change your dog's personality. Sterilized dogs still make great guard dogs. Provide food and fresh water every day. Every day you eat, your dog needs to eat. Put a water bowl a tire or hole the to keep it from tipping. You can attach a water bucket to a wooden doghouse or fence. Stretch wire, a small chain, bungee cord, or twine across the bucket and secure on either side. Provide good shelter. You can buy dog igloos pretty cheaply from discount stores, farm supply stores, and hardware stores. If you can't afford to buy a doghouse, you can make one. Doghouses should be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around but small enough to retain body heat. Wooden doghouses should be raised a few inches off of the to prevent rotting and keep out rain. Flat, concrete blocks are easy way to raise a doghouse. Go on walks! Your dog be happy to get of the yard, new things, and smell new smells! Walking is great exercise for both of you. If your dog is very strong or large, use a harness to make walking easier. If the dog belongs to someone offer to walk the dog yourself. Protect from cold. Dogs get cold the just like we do, especially short-haired and small dogs. If it's too cold for you to sleep outside, your dog is going to be cold outside, too. If you can't bring your dog fill doghouses with hay or cedar chips to help retain heat. You can get cedar shavings and hay at farm supply, hardware, discount, and home improvement stories. If you use hay and it gets wet and soggy, spread it the to dry. To keep cold air out, the door should be covered with a plastic flap. You can use a car mat, a