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Szklanym pałacem rozumiem powody dla względu kliszowy błąkającymi się gatunkowe for all training sessions to monitor the stress levels of both the pet and the child, you can make sure they both stay relaxed and are enjoying the training. Plus, your presence gives your child a to show off her training skills, which can be a huge boost to her self-esteem. Here are tricks of the trade for getting your child and your pet moving the right direction. Help your child learn the ins and outs of clicker training by letting her train you before she starts training Fido. You'll need a clicker, a bag of and a paper plate to start practicing. Start by working on timing: Toss a ball the air and have your child click or say her key word the moment the ball hits the highest point. Pay attention to timing that the click or word occurs just as the behavior she is wanting to reward happens. Once your child has mastered the timing of the click or verbal reinforcement, have her practice on you. Pick a behavior such as crossing your fingers; as as your fingers cross, have her click or use her voice to the behavior. Immediately have her put one piece of on the plate Have her practice the speed of the reward that the treat is given within a second or two after the click. Repeat until she is comfortable and confident with her clicker and reward skills. Google+. I have a 1 2 yr old Doberman and never before did I feel like I needed training help. I went on the Keller FB buy sell trade site and asked about training and Lucky Dog kept popping up. I scheduled a 30 minute private training before starts their manners class and listened to everything the trainer recommended. The very next morning, using new skills, walked and acted like a well trained dog!!! He even received compliments!!! We are now ready to start Manners and I'm sold this place! This is a relatively new facility, although it is clear the owner head trainer, has been doing dog training for sometime. I've enrolled private puppy training with twice a week. She has a very well laid out program that develops basic commands and quickly builds on them. The indoor facility is spacious and always clean. is very patient, but not afraid to take your end of the leash to demonstrate training technique when needed or if you have a question about how to do something. We are both making great progress, and since is setup to do advanced obedience, rally, agility, etc., i can see myself being a regular here for a long time to get the highest potential out of dog. They also have some basic training equipment and treats for sale case you forget anything. Parking is ample. I'm hesitant to quote training prices as can work with anyone I think to custom a program for you. I'm paying $40 per one hour session which I think is typical for this type of private training. I'm getting the full hour of her time as well!! Glad to see a facility like this being developed Fort Worth. addition to training at the facility, I think and the staff can come to you your home if you want. Very happy far with the value equation We just completed our second class and I am amazed how much puppy and I have learned! Both instructors were fantastic! I highly recommend them! Caution... Almost took rescue back because of her. Told me she was dangerous and to muzzle her. I have owned dogs. Got a second opinion and was told she is NOT aggressive but has anxiety from her past abuse! Now rescue is going into training to become a therapy animal at senior homes. She was wrong about her. Still disturbed about and it was a year ago. Brown at k 9 direction! I am bad about writing reviews but Lucky Dog Training Center definitely deserves the time for me to type one. I started out with puppy classes 2 years ago with Beddy and along the way added agility classes for mini Aussie. I now have 2 dogs agility classes and we have started to compete trials. is a super great trainer and is great with her furry clients as well as their people. She is very knowledgable, patient, and always goes above and beyond guiding her clients we are successful. She has also pulled some additional trainers and we have recently started working with She brings different strategies and perspectives for agility training. I feel like between the 2 trainers we learn and grow much more, as a team. If you have a puppy or older dog that is need of some training or you are interested doing something fun with your furry companion, I highly recommend giving Lucky Dog a try. I promise you not be disappointed! We have had a great experience taking a class with at Lucky Dog Training Center. addition to her amazing skills