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Kinga road to we wszystkich uczyniła julę dziecko naprawdę interesującą was a transformative and profound experience for me. It reminds me of when I did the AIDS Ride for the first time 1997. I believe that this training too change life for the better and I have learned much from people from different backgrounds and points of view. Mr. Mosten's training offers professional mediators, lawyers, and other people the same room to talk about issues involved mediation. Every minute, no, every second, I am learning new insights from everyone the training. This training opened eyes and gave me a totally new direction for career as a peacemaker and the motivation to step into a challenging world. I the of mediation! Woody Mosten has a vast depth of knowledge the area of mediation and innate apability to impart that knowledge. He encourages his trainees to learn a thoroughly structured, involved, and interactive manner. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this class and look forward to taking future trainings from Mr. Mosten. As a civil litigator with over 30 years experience, I found Woody Mosten's 40-hour Basic Mediation Training to be extremely helpful building civil mediation practice. The material presented was specific and substantive. Although I have taken other trainings, I found it to be a bit humbling to the extent that learning with Woody made me realize just how much knowledge I still have to absorb order to be able to do a competent job at the mediation table. I fully enjoyed week Los and felt comfortable the Mosten home that was opened up with warmth and graciousness to me and the other training participants. Because of the training I received from Woody Mosten, I conducted private meetings with new clients which helped establish our relationship effortlessly. We have met jointly twice and they are making good progress. I cannot thank Woody enough for the gateway he offered. I am excited to be a mediator and grateful to be of service. first intensive mediation training has overwhelmed me from its expansive contents depthIt has challenged a great deal but has given high motivation to develop its needed knowledge and skills. Having learned much, I be looking forward to build up what it take to follow the path of peace-makers of which I highly value.I to myself contributing to those people conflicted marital relationship especially Asian American community. Shin- Park, Mediator Los CA 2011, I was attendance at Woody Mosten's 40-hour Basic Divorce Mediation Skills class. Whether or not you are attorney, and whether or not you have considered a career mediation, I urge you to consider signing-up for this class if you wish to learn the basics from a master. I tell you with all sincerity that I have come out of that class a changed person. outlook on practice, clients, litigation general, and upon others has been shifted irreversibly. Mr. Mosten's method of teaching brings home the essentials of mediation and much more. I urge each of you to find out more about this exciting class, and others that he offers. This class was well worth the tuition. Patricia A. Duncan Family Law Attorney Murietta Canyon Lake, CA I have also been trained by Mosten under his Family Mediation Training program. With his guidance I learned the importance of strategizing. This allows me to think about the various avenues a mediation might take and anticipate which tools the parties might need as they negotiate their way towards a settlement. particular, this led me to the creation of a that I give clients to help focus them on the questions and details that arise during a divorce. Barry Los CA Mediation Network Any class that Woody Mosten teaches offers new ways of looking at old and perplexing problems. He presents material such a way as to encourage excellence mediation skills and belief your ability to achieve your highest standard. Dvorah Markman, Chair, Chair, Los County Bar Family Law Section Woody Mosten has a gift for helping people to change,