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Już samicą tylko jedno potknięcie ( najwyższy jak to zabawa zręcznościowymi since the left hand is used for other things considered filthy, just like a won't swear with with his left hand on the Bible. gelin On a separate issue, I researched those Orthodox rabbis that were brutally murdered while at prayer Jerusalem a few weeks ago. It turns out that they were ANTI-ZIONIST rabbis, similar to the Neturei Karta, but I doubt that this fact was ever mentioned news reports. Anyone who follows news events knows that the police and other security forces there treat these anti-Zionist orthodox Jews quite violently. BAB @HCN Jews are quite capable of murdering their own to achieve a greater benefit for They have shown this on times. I could add that even the American elites are capable of getting Americans murdered for their own profit. I no longer have any illusions about that. This is a Zionist response to for acknowledging Palestine and also for its plan to eliminate sanctions against Russia. The Zionists are not pleased with and have thus made it clear. west Who are they kidding? We goys 't fall that BS anymore. The moment I heard of it, false flag went through head. All I can say is these dead smucks yeah they're hell for their sacrilegious depiction of priests while never daring to joke about Jews deserved what they got. They were working to inflame Islam and Christianity but not Jews; and for that their Jewish overlord sacrificed them. Let this be a lesson to all Goyim who collaborated with Jews. The Elder of Zyklon--B Merkel once again denounce those who stand against turd world invaders and call for more immigration to repopulate Germany. The Pope continue to tell White nations that it is their duty to God and humanity to welcome millions of immigrants. Meanwhile, they have no concern at all for the South African Whites who are raped, plundered and murdered every day. 't look for he church people Jewmerica to roll out the welcome mat for these people anytime either, as they only seek to please their Juden buddies. Dear Brother You are right What happened yesterday to Hebdo is a false flag operation to put fog the of the French citizens order to win the next elections 2017: about 6 million of citizen French Muslim voices are not negligeable for Hollande when Pen gains more and more support of the French people. When I saw the first images of that horror I understood immediately it is a false flag operation: how is it that Hebdo which was supposed to be guarded by the police as our officials said has been invaded freely by these two terrorists? How is it that only few policemen where there at that scary moment? How is it that the black car standed calmly the middle of the street with opened doors while that street was completely empty of cars and people? Furthermore how is it that that two terrorists are brothers like Boston marathon where two terrorists were brothers, one of the two brothers being killed and the second being jailed? How is it that the said the oil station who saw much frightening military killing equipment of war the car stayed alive? The guys knowing the police is running after them were stupid to let somebody to look inside the car without covering their guns to escape without problem? Of course there are other questions without logical answers. It seems to me at first sight that as the governing parti de la gauche being a very weak posture because of the catastrophic economic situation this special terror act against Hebdo fits and covers perfectly the abyss of debt and of bad management. It is a distraction to make the French citizens to put aside their economic problems and focalise only on the alibi-subject: freedom of speech. Of course