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Jedna dziś zamiast ryzykowny film kinie ostatniego majd mastoura otrzymał as N33FG 17123 to civil registry as N95578. Noted stored at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ Mar 28. 17124 to civil registry as N47039 to civil registry as N62178 to civil registry as N62198 to civil registry as N31FG 17128 to civil registry as N83701 to civil registry as N62118 to civil registry as N27LB 17131 to civil registry as N32FG 17132 to civil registry as N62166 to civil registry as N62117 to civil registry as N94745 to civil registry as N57920 to civil registry as N57921 to civil registry as N216AC 17141 to civil registry as N47062 to civil registry as N995D 17143 to civil registry as N214AC 17144 was cancelled. 67 17859 UH-1H-BF Iroquois MSN 9343. Transfers to AMARC from At least 160 to FMS. 2 to Panama, 1 to Peru, 1 to Chile, 20 to Thailand, 6 to Iran, 3 to 12 to South Korea, 107 to South Vietnam. 17189,17202,17334,17414,17459,17523,17534, 17547,17645,17701,17802,17813 converted to UH-1V. 17678 to GUH-1H. 17448,17755 to JUH-1H. 17145 to VFW Post #5202, Waynesville, North 17147 registered as N72297 Dec 1996 registered N373WS Feb 4 17155 to AMARC as XA0411 19. Noted stored at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ Mar 28. to Helicopter Textron, Ozark, Alabama as N4491Z, refurbished and cancelled Dec 28. To Kenyua as KAF1504 to AMARC as XA0432 Jul 25. Allocated civilian registration number of N4069B 2001. Later N44XL. 17161 with 6st Avn crashed due to engine failure during dust storm after Desert Storm Mar 2. Five crew injured. 17162 allocated civil registration N461CC July 2001 to AMARC as XA0512 Oct 2. Registration N62KA reserved Jul 16, taken up 3 17174 with 15th Med Btn 1st Cav Divn shot down Feb 14 Bin Province, South Vietnam. Wreck purchased from a northern Arizona scrapyard by Light Hource Legacy, Peoria, AZ. become Take Me Home with art by Palm Springs artist Maloney. Has been restored and is now on a stick at Peoria Veterans Cemetery, Peoria, AZ. 17175 crashed due engine failure SVN Feb 17. 11 17178 to RAAF as A2 A2. Feb 1968 to RAAF as A2 Feb 6. Crashed due to short shaft failure cloud near Stanthorpe, QLD, Australia 11. 2 of 6 killed. 17179 to RAAF as A2 Feb 6. Flew into the at Biak, Irian Jaya, Indonesia Jul 29. 5 onboard injured. 17180 to RAAF as A2 Feb 6. Crashed into the Shoalwater Bay, QLD, Australia Oct 30. 17181 to RAAF as A2 Feb 6. Crashed Vietnam Oct 15. Wreck destroyed by SAS demolition team. A2 crashed 6 after battle damage Vietnam. Front fuselage of A2 noted November 2002 storage for RAAF Museum A2 damaged 9 1974 Vietnam, written off. 17187 To N37TV with Dyncorp Fort Worth, Texas on 3 and on 30 to VH-OXE with Touchdown Helicopters, New South Wales. 17189 to AMARC as XA-423 Jun 5. 17192 N8159C US Dept of State, AFB, FL, Apr 10. FAB-713 Fuerza Aerea Boliviana. Regn canx Sep 18 as exported to Bolivia. 17197 to AMARC as XA0523 Oct 2. 17198 went to Bosnia-Hortzegovina AF as VF-1809, then A-2618. W o Jun 28. 17199 to AMARC as XA0414 19 17200 to Mexico 1996 under Excess Defense Articles Program but grounded Mar 1998. To US State Department as N325SD Feb 8. 17204 registration N193BP cancelled by FAA Feb 16 as 'parted out' 17208 purchased by commercial user for restoration as a memorial piece. 17217 to Colombian National Police as PNC-145 on display at VFW Post #9122, Magee, MS, near Veterans building along highway 10 from Camp MS. 17224 as UH-1H-II PNC-0704 service with Policia Nacional de Colombia at Guaymaral Jul 2013 to N911UH 17240 noted Apr 2015 as stored with Arista Helicopters, Enterprise, Alabama 17246 noted at Blackpool Airport, Lancs, UK wearing N911DN and registered to Yorkshire Helicopters. 17247 Was N62615 of Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement; registration